Finals may be coming up but if you are looking for a break from Haverford’s Campus the KAWS exhibit at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts is a good place to check out if you are into Spongebob portraits and Mickey Mouse-like sculptures more than twice your size. KAWS is a Brooklyn, NY based pop artist and you have probably seen some of his work. The cover and album art from Kanye West’s 808′s and Heartbreak is one example or if you have passed through 30th Street station in the spring, one of his 16 feet sculptures, Champion, was sitting in the station, and he redesigned the MTV’s moonman for the 2013 Video Music Awards in Brooklyn.

Champion in 30th Street Station

It is definitely an exhibit to check out because the contrast between his contemporary pieces and the backdrop of the classical architecture and artwork housed in the PAFA. The instillation includes over 60 paintings and sculptures from KAWS inside and outside the building.

The exhibit ends January 5, so if you are interested head over to the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts before winter break starts.

A preview from the current exhibit:




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