Curious George at the Parade last year

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and while some of you are heading home or to a friends house, if you are staying on campus Philly has something to add to the festivities. Every year Philadelphia has their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. A few streets are shut down for floats, balloons, marching bands, dance groups, and local performers to be seen by locals and visitors alike. If you are willing to wake up early, the parade runs from 8:30am to noon, you can hop on Regional Rail and get off at Suburban Station to catch the parade as it moves along JFK Boulevard or you can walk over to Logan Square.While you are in Philly you can find yummy hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm and a Thanksgiving themed lunch after. If 8:30am is too early or the weather is cold enough to keep you out of Philly, you could always wake up later and head over to Wawa for a Gobbler, turkey and gravy with stuffing and cranberry sauce in a hoagie, and catch a rerun of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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