Updated Inauguration Portrait of Dan Weiss

Day 1- I try to tie my bandana on in the least visible location on my body; it works. Humans wander the campus largely oblivious to my presence, they are still complacent and complacent brains are the most succulent.

Day 2- Our numbers grow and fear spreads. I divide my time between chasing terrified people trying to get to class and tormenting every human in the DC. The brain-like texture of the vegan “beef” is a pleasant surprise.

Day 3- I attempt to devour the simpletons waiting for the blue bus. One is not so simple and hits me with a pair of socks, but I will have my revenge.

Feeble humans, their leaders are falling; Michael Martinez and Dan Weiss join the Zombie ranks. Haverford College makes history as first among our peer institutions to be under the guidance of a Zombie president.

Day 4 – Soon the humans will be fewer in number than the Zombie horde. In the meantime, I hatch a plan to steal all socks that are thrown at me. The Zombie empire will have all of the socks! A sock on every foot and a brain in every pot!


Day 8 -  After a planned morning ambush was thwarted, my roommate has moved out. He actually left this morning by climbing out the bathroom window and leaving the shower on. For real.


Two days to go. The zombie and human factions are ramping up their efforts. Desperate communiques zip between players. Ambushes are planned, scouting missions foil them.

Nerves are on edge; can the humans keep their cool under pressure? When the zombie is gaining on you, you need ice in your veins to whip around at the right moment to stun them.

The Zombie faction needs to band together, or face starvation. Who can hold out? Who will perform in the clutch? High drama plays out with every passing hour.



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  • Joins the SAO after coming up through the farm system, where he was a .305 emailer with 10 Events Planned and 65 SEPTA tokens distributed. He enjoys not being cold, stomping the yard, and playing outdoor sports and games, as well as reading any Wikipedia articles he can find.

  • 4 October 2013
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