wallpaper_totsHerein you will find a tutorial on how to make a delicious open-face tuna melt in the conveyor belt toaster pizza tots.

What you aim to get are warm and crunchy little bites of mozzarella and marinara goodness. Key words are warm and crunchy.

  •  Step 1: Get some tots. Look for the ones that aren’t too greasy, because you want crunchy.
  •  Step 2: Get a separate bowl and go to the salad bar. Find the marinara sauce adjacent to the salsa (salsa looks chunkier) and fill your bowl with however much marinara floats your boat. You can also sprinkle some Italian herbs from the spice bar over your sauce.
  •  Step 3: Get a pile of mozz, and put it on your tots.
  •  Step 4: Go to a microwave and pop in the marinara. 15-20 second increments with stirring will get you the best results.
  •  Step 5: Microwave the tots for 15-20 seconds.

Now you are ready to enjoy some pizza tots! You can pour the marinara over the tots, or dip them individually, although the latter method ensures better crunchiness.

Author’s Note: If you do put a tuna sandwich in the toaster, it will probably catch on fire. This will make you look like a DC hack.


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