With Finals oh so close but oh so far away, its about time you take a moment to think “What am I doing during Winter Break?”

If you haven’t had the luxury of thinking so whimsically, here’s a simple guide or To-Do List of Winter Break essentials!


It may sound simple enough, but getting multiple nights of full relaxing sleep can be the best thing to happen to you since birth.  Let’s face it, we aren’t getting enough sleep, so have no shame, wrap yourself up in a warm cozy quilt and catch some Z’s.  You deserve it!

"Its noon? More nap time!"


2) Eat Some Local Goodies

Nothing is better than some good ol’ home cooked food.  Wanna have a piece of home cooked fried chicken?  Or a yummy slice from that pizzeria down the street? or a sandwich from that hipster cafe your friends are always telling you about?  Go ahead! Can you eat it all in the same day? YES. YOU. CAN! (just work out afterwards)


3) Meet up with Old Friends

Haverfriends are awesoeme but its great to say “Hello!” to those high school friends who you know and love.  Make sure to catch up with all your friends from back home, cause remember, the experience we have with friends of the past is the canvas on which we paint our futures. 

Catch up with friends

4) Catch a Movie

With all that we have to do during the year, how has time to go to a movie theater anymore?  Well Winter Break is your opportunity to do just that.  The Movie experience can be so relaxing as long as you don’t think about how overpriced everything is).  Grab some popcorn and your family and friends and watch a featured film.  It will keep you in the social loop and its a great way to segue into other fun events!

"Oh This is the Best Part!"

5) Be Productive

Now although winter break can be a great time to lounge around, its also an opportunity to make some progress on a project you’ve been working on or wanting to start.  If that means getting a job or internship to make that resume look pretty, so be it!  But it doesn’t have to be all serious. You could read that book that;s been looking at you for weeks, finish some drawings you’ve been working on, or finally learn how to pull off a combo in Tekken.  Whatever your goal is, do your best to make sure its complete.  No one wants to end break thinking “Well that was a waste of time!”  Cause time is a terrible thing to waste!  Be Productive in whatever way you define it!

Now that you have this basic list, go out and make your own!!


Happy Holiday! <3

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  • hello Everyone, I'm an intern for the Student Activities Office! I'm an English major and Japanese minor. I was born and raised in New York and love turning my city into my playground. During my free time I like to hang out with my friends in the city. I often drag them to the local karaoke lounges in Koreatown. (because no matter what anybody says, butchering the latest pop songs in front of your family and friends is a liberating experience! :P) Other than singing I love dancing, fighting games, and meeting new people. So feel free to use me as a resource! Peace!

  • 7 December 2012
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