I know, I know, Customs, the cult.  People get sick of talking about it, thinking about it, applying for it, whatever.  But why, year after year, do committee members find themselves overwhelmed with applicants and enthusiasm?  Well, because in the end, no matter how cultish or freakish it may be, Customs is fantastic.  I mean, hey, anything that makes a dozen college-age males paint themselves green and wear diapers is pretty awesome.

As someone who has dedicated a fair amount of time to the program, I can safely say how great Customs is.  I think you all know the standard reasons: instant friend group!, giving back to the community!, fun and rewarding!.  And while all of those reasons are perfectly legitimate and did factor in to my decision to take an active role in the program, Customs means something different to each person.  For one person, they might feel like they never really had any support from their team, and they would like to give that support to someone.  For someone else, they may have gotten the ideal team and want to replicate that again.  Whatever the reason, Customs is a truly great program, and no matter who you are or what you have done, Customs has surely done something to impact your experience at Haverford.  Whether it is getting that instant friend group from your hallmates, support when finals are sucking from your HCOs, a birthday cake from your CPs, or learning how to navigate Philly with your UCA, Customs embodies the Haverfordian tradition of community.

So while everyone is stressing out about finals, drinking gallons of coffee, and falling asleep in Magill, it is with valid reason that many people are not thinking about Customs or are hesitant to apply.    However, it is in these stressful times that I remember how much of a difference having freshmen and being a freshmen with my Customs team made for my adaptation to Haverford and current happiness.  Though Customs isn’t a perfect program, it has helped strengthen and support our community as a whole, something that I know I am forever grateful for.  And hey, maybe with your help, Customs can become perfect.

APPLY! Applications came out (and are available on the Haverford Customs web page www.haverford.edu/customs/apply/apply.php#CP) Novemeber 30th and are due January 27, 2013!

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  • Leigh Kloss is currently a Junior at Haverford College. She is a Psychology major and Gender and Sexuality Studies and History of Art minor. When she is not working at the fabulous Student Activities Office, she enjoys rapping to Nicki Minaj, watching Mean Girls, and shopping at Trader Joe's.

  • 5 December 2012
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