Be there this Saturday, December 1st dressed in your finest attire. Snowball once again will be hosted by SECS in the East Wing of the Dining Center and there will be chicken fingers and a non-alcoholic bar!

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  • Jacob Lowy ’14 is a Political Science major at Haverford College. He is a co-president of the Haverford Students' Council, former captain and current member of the Haverford Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and also plays violin. Jacob works for the Haverford Student Activities Office. In his free time, Jacob enjoys running, reading historical fiction, playing FIFA and watching the NBA.

  • 26 November 2012
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  1. Hey. I saw in the Weekly Consensus we can make song requests on the Go! Boards. Where exactly on the boards does one go about that? This is the first thing I’ve found related to Snow Ball after some searching.