This past week, I sat down with 2 year FUCS member, Juliette Rando to discuss her time in FUCS and to get the inside scoop about FUCS’ inner workings!

Interviewer:  Cruz Arroyo (Student Activities Office Intern) Abbreviated CA


Interviewee: Juliette Rando (FUCS Member) Abbreviated JR


CA: For the record could you tell everyone your name, class year, and hometown?


JR: I’m Juliette Rando. I’m a sophomore and I’m from Massachusetts


CA: What does FUCS stand for?


JR: Federation United Concert Series.  Most people think it stands for “Ford’s Underground Concert Series” which is a bit catchier.


CA: How long have you been a member?


JR: I joined the spring of my freshman year


CA: Since FUCS throws shows almost every weekend, what a week in your life like trying to   plan a concert?


JR: It really depends on whose concert it is.  We have 7 members now (We had 3 in the spring). When it’s my show there’s a lot of organizing to get the show ready.  But if it’s Daniel Del Alcazar’s show, unofficial head of FUCS, for example then I basically just put up posters


CA: So when its time for your show, what exactly do you do?


JR: Once you have everything booked, you know your openers, headliners and have your contracts set, you have to work on advertising the event.  You design a poster, get them printed, put everywhere on campus.  You have to make a Facebook and Go Board post.  We put it on our Tumblr as well.  Basically we just try to get the word out as effectively as we can.


CA: Who creates all the fancy and creative posters we see around campus?


JR: The person who makes the poster depends on whose show it is.  We all do it eventually when our show comes around.  So the posters are usually very varied.


CA: How do you find the bands that you get to come to campus?


JR: Most of them are pretty obscure to your average person but every person of FUCS has a different specialty for a different genre of music that they really like.  Daniel for example knows a lot of hip hop and rock, and he goes to a lot of shows in Philly so he finds out about a lot of little bands.  But you can search the internet to try to find them as well.  Sometimes we use Blast FM or music blogs to find any little band that could potentially come play at Haverford.


CA: Recently, the Appointments Committee appointed 4 new members to FUCS making the total number of members 7.  Given the short time they have been working with you, what are your first impressions of them?


JR: The new members are really cool!  They have only been members for about 2 weeks but recently we did have a meeting.  I feel they definitely know what they are talking about and are very knowledgeable about the music scene.  We also have two new members from Bryn Mawr.  I think it’s the second time we have had Bryn Mawr members in the history of FUCS.  I would call them “super legit.” (laughs)  They have a lot of experience writing about music etc.  So I’m looking forward to working with them.


CA: What drew you to FUCS as a club?


JR: I’ve always been really into music. I spend my free time listening to little bands.  I’ve always been attracted to the little venues and I love how intimate a concert feels when you’re that close to the performer.  At school, I basically only go to FUCS shows but in Boston I check out the little bands.


CA: If you could throw an ideal concert where you could have any artist come play, what would be the line up?


JR: It might be a lot of random things but I’m now really into this band called Total Slacker from Brooklyn.  We could totally get them to come; I just haven’t emailed them yet.  They are really cool and have crazy concerts where they burn their guitars and stage dives.  We could have LMFAO open for them. (laughs)


CA: Outside of FUCS what are you studying and what other clubs are you part of?


JR: I’m a biology major and psychology minor.  I’m a PAF (I love my freshmen, they’re really cool) I’m on JASAAP, Poetry Reading Group, and Tea Society.


CA: What has been your most rewarding experience working with FUCS?


JR: Probably, the first show this year cause I didn’t book any shows last year.  The first bands I booked were the openers, Slow Animal and Cool Serbia.  That was a very good show.  I was really proud.


CA: Any final thoughts or anything else you want Fords to know about FUCS?


JR: We hope you guys come out to the shows cause we really want to please you.  I know most people think the bands are they are really obscure and random but it’s kind of all we can afford and you never know; you might really like a band you never heard of.  So please come to the shows!


Juliette Rando provides an inside perspective of FUCS

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