It’s Plenary time!!! Well, almost.

In just a little over a week, we (or at least 2/3rds of us) will be immersed in the Quaker-goodness (new slogan for Quaker Oats anyone?!) that is Plenary.  We will lounge together, eat Coop pizza and breadsticks together, fill out our Plenary Bingo sheets together, and hold up our packets together.  Sounds exactly like the Quaker summer camp I never went to.

Why should we go to Plenary, one cynical and upperclassmen Ford may ask.  Why?  Well, cynical one, I shall tell you why.

Top Five Reasons To Attend Plenary:

1. It is tradition!  And who can say no to some good ol’ fashion tradition?  Just like living in Lloyd as a senior, Snowball, and Primal Scream, Plenary is a tradition you gotta love.

2. The chance of winning FREE STUFF.  That is right, I said it.  FREE STUFF.  Who wouldn’t want to win 15 bucks to Wawa if you get a row in Plenary Bingo?  I won last year, and ate a delicious hoagie with my winnings.  Now, who doesn’t want a delicious hoagie for FREE?

3. The sense of community.  Awww.  This one is a little sappy of me, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true!  This one everyone is going to have to agree with, even you cynics out there.  You get to the GIAC, clutching pillows and blankets, and eat quesadillas and procrastinate with all your friends.  What is better community building than that?!

4. It is the best procrastination method ever.  When your professor asks you why you didn’t do the reading, or why your 5 page paper has 2.5 spacing and 4 inch margins, you just look at them and say, Plenary, obviously.  And how could a professor object to Plenary, to you being an active community member and doing your good deed of supporting and reforming your very college?  Yes, that’s right, they will never object!  And if they do, feel free to use my blog post as support of your 4 inch margins.

5.  And finally…c’mon guys, it is just awesome.  Yes, this reason might be a bit of a a throwaway, but seriously, Plenary is just cool.  At what other college would you get to dictate the very nature of your campus and all the rules you have to abide by?  Everyone loves self-scheduled exams and the trust that Haverford professors have in the students.  Having all this freedom and personal say is just awesome, no questions asked in my book.

So there you have it, 5 (fairly) solid reasons on why you should all definitely go to Plenary (and also play Plenary Bingo supported by the SAO!).  Hope to see you all there, and seriously, bring yo kids (freshmen), bring yo’ wife (friends and/or Havermarried spouse).


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  • Leigh Kloss is currently a Junior at Haverford College. She is a Psychology major and Gender and Sexuality Studies and History of Art minor. When she is not working at the fabulous Student Activities Office, she enjoys rapping to Nicki Minaj, watching Mean Girls, and shopping at Trader Joe's.

  • 20 September 2012
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