YEAH BABY! Spring break is finally here and we can all get our bronze on, brah. In honor of this time honored tradition, here are some pictures of everything Haverford is not.



















Now that I have thoroughly depressed you all, let me cheer you up with the hottest Havertivities for when we get back.

J1x1′s Top 5 Events









For the lucky few who got tickets, enjoy! I went to this game last year, back when AI was on the team, and it was more cracking than a crab bake in Maryland!










Da Fordz meet Da Artist. The PMA has a special exhibit, “Van Gogh Up Close” that will showing a unique combination of Van Gogh art that won’t be seen anywhere else in America!









Haverford’s own DJ collective gears up for another great exhibit of student electronica production. Special guest Love Automatic? Sign me up!









An Indian dance company that combines the arts with social justice issues both by incorporating the themes into our work and via partnerships with local community centers and schools.









An award winning documentary about the loss of night and its possible effects on life as we know it. Deep stuff, brother.


And just because I love you, enjoy a BONUS event.









‘Cause who doesn’t like a British spy thriller?

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  • 2 March 2012
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