Since time immemorial (my freshman year), one thing has remained true: Swat sucks at winning Men’s Basketball games.

This year was no different. In what can only be described as a “robust and rowdy” crowd, Haverford students from all walks of life welcomed their Quaker neighbors to a lively night in the Nuthouse. Occupying the space underneath the banners that document the numerous athletic titles Haverford has taken, the student section that always let both teams, as well as the referees, know that they would not be silenced.

On a more personal note, this was the largest crowd I have been a part of at Haverford and it was truly an amazing sight to see. Like Sam Permutt said, this place is all about community. How great was it to see such a long standing tradition at Haverford still alive and very much kicking?


Enjoy three pictures that Mike Elias the G.A. took at the game.





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  • 27 January 2012
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