One week into the semester and already things are getting hectic!!! It’s good to be back. I spent all of winter break sleeping, eating and watching basketball, so it feels nice to get those academic juices flowing again! I’m going to give a brief recap of highlights from the first week back, and then preview some really cool events that are coming up!

I got back last Sunday, and Monday morning (MLK day), I along with 45 other students travelled to Pendle Hill, a well know Quaker study center, in order to discuss different issues regarding restorative justice and mediation. After an insightful day of discussion and reflection, we travelled back to Haverford to get ready for classes and get back into the “academic mindset.”
But before the “academic mindset” could sink in, we SWAT came to town. This is one of the more raucous events of the year, and I thoroughly enjoyed both the Men’s and Women’s games. For the perspective of the Swat game from an alum and former star of the Men’s team, go here to read Sam Permutt’s dissertation on why Swat sucks.

Highlights of the weekend included Mathletes and Athletes (sponsored by SECS), and an improv comedy performance by The Throng! As a New Yorker though, the most important part of the weekend game on Sunday night, when Eli Manning and the New York Giants were able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and beat the San Francisco Forty Niners. I don’t know how it happened, but I am looking forward to Superbowl Sunday (but mostly because of the free wings in the coop).

This weekend promises to be an exciting one. Haverford’s very own hip hop artist Gabriel Stark (known by some as Howard Brown), will be performing in Lunt Basement on Friday, January 27th at 9:30 pm. This Friday, Relay for Life will also be hosting a Casino Night in Founders at 8pm. If you are a closet gambler (or an open one) this is a great opportunity to take out your passions in a constructive way.

There are two big events on Saturday night. First at 9pm, James House will be hosting artist in residence Caroline Caldwell as she presents her Mad Dope Lab, which works to synthetically recreate the chemical makeup of “coolness.” The Mad Dope Lab has been conducting top-secret experimentation that is “dedicated to the hydrolysis of the illusive elements which make an object dope, fresh, fly, tight, ill, nasty, boss, and ultimately cool.” Then at 10:30pm in Lunt Basement, Sound Machine will be presenting three DJ’s in their opening event of the semester, appropriately titled “Kickoff.”

The semester is off to a great start. It may still be cold, and gloomy sometimes, but as far as I am concerned spring is just around the corner and there are more than enough activities on campus to keep me occupied and excited for me to focus on bad weather!

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  • Jacob Lowy ’14 is a Political Science major at Haverford College. He is a co-president of the Haverford Students' Council, former captain and current member of the Haverford Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and also plays violin. Jacob works for the Haverford Student Activities Office. In his free time, Jacob enjoys running, reading historical fiction, playing FIFA and watching the NBA.

  • 24 January 2012
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