And say that I am excited to see Bridesmaids.
Now, normally, I hate comedies; they always factor to the lowest common denominator and recycle the same puerile humor that was pioneered in the ’80s by stand-up comedians. Well, I guess it was not truly pioneered in the nineteen-eighties, maybe more like in the straight 80s A.D. However let’s not get into that, we all still can’t un-see Jack Black’s terrible Year One.

I was going to write an 1,000 word narrative about the gender norms and stereotypes in Hollywood especially concerning the comedy genre, the changing cultural view of humor as exemplified by Charlie Sheen and America’s obsession with machismo and braggadocio, and finally an ironic comment about I am from Seattle so I like watching movies that other people discount and how I was going to be the only male going to see the movie of his own accord.

However, I am now 3 minutes past closing time and I don’t get paid overtime so I will leave you with this brief message.

It just looks funny. Go see it and then complain about it in the comments below.


Post screening review:

I am sorry, but what  a let down. I mean they were never really in the pink dresses and the wedding dress… what a bait and switch! I mean please, I thought that this movie was going to be about these 6 women going on a crazy adventure.  Bigger tease than Duke Nukem Forever. Everybody was raving about the food poisoning scene, but really? Isn’t that just so passe?

Did I laugh? Yes, I did, but more often when the entire audience was deathly silent. Did I cringe? Far more than I laughed.


All in all, I would have to give this movie a very forgettable B-.


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  • 23 September 2011
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