This Saturday (the 24th) is Haverford’s annual Screw Your Roommate, a serendipitous night for some and an unfortunate fate for others.

Freshmen get paired up with other freshmen for a steamy date night. Love ensues.

Though it’s mostly awkward (“Sooo.. um.. why did you choose to go to Haverford?” “I like small campuses.” “Cool.”), it’s a great way for Fords to meet more Fords.

CPs, get your freshmen screwed! Freshmen, don’t chicken out!

Skits are in the DC at 5pm and the dance starts at 10 in Founders. Jungle themed. Get wild. *Decorations by SECS Main Line Interior Decorating.

See you all there!

Chris (CFlo$)

  1. Hi Chris,

    I have a girlfriend that I love a lot and we have been together for 5 months now and I don’t want to mess anything up by going out on a date with another girl. What can I do as I hear that this event is super awesome and really fun?

    Scared Freshman
  2. Have no fear, Scared Freshman!

    Screw is for everyone. These aren’t real dates, just silly ones. If you don’t wanna get “screwed” you can still enjoy the skits and go to the dance later.

    Screw is just another friendly Haverford event to help you meet more people.

    Chris Flores '13