Meet the Fellows

2016-2017 Fellows

2016-2017 Haverford House Fellows

Katie Rowlett ‘16
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Placement: This year, I am excited to be working as a programing assistant and laboratory support fellow at the University City Science Center’s FirstHand Program. As the educational and outreach program of the Center, the FirstHand office coordinates project-based workshops and afterschool classes in the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) for local middle schoolers. The program is designed to support both students and teachers from under-resourced schools and communities through a combination of hands-on, creative learning in the lab and career-focused mentorship from the Center’s many scientists and entrepreneurs.

Project: For my project, I plan to work with Haverford’s Environmental Studies program to strengthen the opportunities for collaboration of on-campus classes and groups with off-campus environmental organizations in the Philadelphia area. Because this type of active, off-campus learning was extremely beneficial to me in my own understanding of environmental studies, I hope to increase the emphasis of praxis experience and broaden opportunities for volunteer activities within our ES curriculum.


Name: Kaziah White ‘16
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Placement: I am working as a paralegal at Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA), a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to the low-income residents of Philadelphia. I will be working in their Family Law Unit, which works with clients on issues of custody, protection from abuse, and related family law concerns. I’m really looking forward to learning more about these issues, working with our clients, and learning from both them and the wonderful staff at PLA.

Haverford House Project: For my project, I plan on working around issues of gender, sexuality, and reproductive justice. I hope to connect Haverford students with the organizations doing innovative and important work around these issues in Philadelphia, and foster related conversations on Haverford’s campus.


Name: Itzel Delgado-Gonzalez ‘16
Major: Comparative Literature
Hometown: Harlem, Manhattan, New York

Placement: I am working at Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA) as a paralegal in their Pennsylvania Farmworker Project (“PFP”). To give you some background, apple, mushroom, and dairy farm workers reside all over the state of Pennsylvania and PLA represents low-income migrant and seasonal farmworkers. PLA’s advocacy efforts for this group ranges from protecting the workers’ rights to minimum wage to protecting the workers’ from retaliation for wanting to exercise their legal rights. A few of my responsibilities include providing litigation support, conducting community outreach to migrant farmworkers in labor camps, conducting eligibility intakes, and developing educational materials for farmworkers (and a ton of other cool things).

Haverford House Project: I am hoping to work with the Latin American, Latin@, and Iberian Studies (LAIS) concentration at Haverford to further draw a connection between concentrators and the Latin@ population in the Philadelphia (and Norristown) areas.


Michaela Ward ‘16
Major: English and Psychology
Home Town: Sherborn, MA

Placement: I’m a fellow at the Education Law Center (ELC), a statewide organization that seeks to “ensure that all children in Pennsylvania have access to a quality education” and advocates for historically underserved populations including students of color, students living in poverty, students with disabilities and English Language Learners. I will focus on their fair school funding project, which works to secure adequate and equitable funding to vulnerable student populations.

Haverford House Project: I hope to facilitate a discussion group for Haverford students to engage with education and its intersecting issues. I plan to center the group around hands-on encounters with key players in Philadelphia’s education system, and to attend a range of education action/advocacy events such as community meetings and school board meetings. I will pair this off-campus engagement with background education (for example, about Philadelphia’s school funding structure). Finally, I hope to also make space for student reflection and discussion after off-campus trips.


Tamar Hoffman ‘16
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Placement: I’m a fellow at Community Legal Services (CLS) along with Anthony. CLS provides free legal representation for low-income individuals involved in a wide variety of civil cases. I’m placed in the housing unit, which serves individuals in both private and public housing facing issues such as eviction or illegal lockouts. I look forward to engaging in direct services work throughout the year and also learning about housing policy in Philadelphia.

Haverford House Project: My goal is to create more spaces for collaboration between Philadelphia area social justice activists and programs I’ve benefited from during my time at Haverford. In particular, I would like to help increase participation in the tri-co program, and work with the political science department to create more opportunities to learn outside the classroom.


Anthony Marqusee ‘16
Major: Religion
Hometown: Northampton, MA

Placement: I’m working as a paralegal in the Employment Unit at Community Legal Services. Our unit helps low-income Philadelphians address issues of wage theft and employment discrimination (especially due to criminal records). We help client expunge their criminal records and guide them through the pardon application process, as well as engaging in advocacy on the state level to promote fair employment laws.

Haverford House Project: I will continue to volunteer with Let’s Circle Up, a restorative justice program developed and administered by men incarcerated at Graterford Prison. Previous Haverford House fellows Emily Bock ‘11, Emily Dix ‘12, and Michael Riccio ‘13 have also been involved with Let’s Circle Up, so Haverford has close ties with the program!

I also hope to work with Haverford faculty to facilitate a series of on-campus discussions about criminal justice and arrange opportunities for current students to volunteer with organizations in Philadelphia addressing these issues.


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