Witness to Hunger goes to the State of the Union

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has been a long-time supporter of Witnesses to Hunger, a project of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities through which low-income women educate the public and policymakers about hunger and poverty. This year, the Senator invited Witness Tianna Gaines-Turner to the State of the Union Address as his guest.

In preparation for Tuesday, Senator Casey held a press conference on Monday at 30th Street Station, where he and Tianna each spoke about changes the country needs to make in order to address poverty in our country.

See Tianna in a clip from Monday here: http://mms.tveyes.com/PlaybackPortal.aspx?SavedEditID=ad1a2b23-96ac-46a0-8a91-4a182b17794a


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