Puentes Hacia El Futuro in the South Philly Review!

As one of Southwark Public School’s community partners, Puentes Hacia El Futuro headed to Southwark for the first day of school. The new principal formed a coalition of volunteers called “Team Dragon” to help make sure things ran smoothly, especially in the face of budget cuts and a shortage of administrators. We spent the morning registering students who came to Southwark from schools that had closed and getting the kids situated in their new classes. You can read about it here on the front page of the South Philly Review, and read a quote from Puentes! (You can also see me in the picture on the second page…)

Read it up close here: Team Dragon in the News – Sept 2013 – South P

Team Dragon in the News - Sept 2013 - South P_Page_1Team Dragon in the News - Sept 2013 - South P_Page_2

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