Story Slam at World Cafe


Bridget is the queen of city activities! She knows all about what’s happening in Philly. And I like to be her sidekick and tag along.

This time, we went to Story Slam with our Philly Fellow friend Annie Reading. You pay a small fee of 5 dollars (it may have been 10dollars, but I forget because the show was so worth it!). You can put your name into a basket if you are feeling story-ful and brave enough! The moderator of the event pulls a name out of the basket and when your name is selected, you go up on the stage and tell your story for 5minutes! The audience laughs, and cries with you. But the best part of it all is getting an applause at the end and walking down the stage feeling everyone in the room now shares a piece of your life with you.

I didn’t have enough courage to tell a story this night but I definitely want to next time I go. Stay tuned for that date!

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