Foodie on a Budget: Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants

Welcome to another edition of foodie on a budget! As a vegetarian foodie with a vegan sister, I have definitely come to appreciate restaurants that cater to our non-meat eating needs. Below are some of my favorite vegetarian eateries in Philadelphia.

  1. Satellite Cafe–Very reasonably priced place for breakfast or lunch in West Philly. It is a really cool place to hang around some morning while studying or reading. My favorite treats there are their Magic Bagel (bagel with nutritional yeast, olive oil, and cream cheese), their vegan grilled cheese (with spinach, nutritional yeast, and vegan cheese), and their yummy vegan desserts.
  2. HipCityVeg–If you want to spend around ten dollars on lunch in Center City, this is a DELICIOUS option for you. I was recommended it by some of my meat-eating co-workers who sing its praises. So far I have only tried their Crispy HipCity Ranch but is was unbelievably yummy.
  3. Blackbird Pizza– While ordering an entire pizza from here is a little pricey, you can buy a slice at this all-vegan South Philly pizzeria for between 2.50-3.75 which is a really good deal considering the slices are HUGE. The pizza is really yummy and even though I am a great lover of cheese, I couldn’t taste the difference between Blackbird pizza and non-vegan pizzas I have had. So far I have tried the fungi and pepperoni slices and loved both. Apparently they also have some great vegan sandwiches, but I have yet to try one.
  4. Horizons–Okay, so this one closed last year but it WAS an amazing fine-dining vegan restaurant in Center City. However, since I don’t want to just tease my readers, you should know that the owners have since opened a new restaurant called Vedge. According to the reviews, it is just as fantastic as its predecessor.

Please add any of your favorite vegan/vegetarian Philadelphia eateries in comments!

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