Tri-Co students and Haverford House Fellows in the Haverford House living room

Given that one of the best parts of being a Haverford student was meeting and getting to know my fellow students, one of the coolest parts of Haverford House so far (besides living with my fellow Fellows, of course!) has been meeting and sharing meals with some of the incoming Haverford freshmen. In July, we had the pleasure of dining with the Chesick Scholars, a group of students who spent much of the summer at Haverford taking courses and doing research, at a nearby Indian buffet, New Delhi.

Last Tuesday another wonderful and impressive group, the Haverford students who had just participated in the Tri-Co program, joined us for dinner at Haverford House (Indian again, this time from Desi Village!). It was so exciting to hear about the different places people in the group are from and what they’re interested in getting involved in at Haverford. And of course I think we fellows all enjoyed the opportunity to give out some unsolicited advice about making the most of the Haverford experience.

There’s something so nice about sharing a meal and good conversation- I hope for many more opportunities such as these as the year goes on. And good luck to all the incoming students in their first week of classes!

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