Phillies Game!!

Last night I went to my first professional sporting event! I feel pretty lucky that for my first pro ball game I

  1. Got to experience it with famously (some might say infamously) enthusiastic phans
  2. Saw the home team win 2:4!
  3. Had access to what Food Network has named the #1 ballpark food for vegetarians
  4. Had an amazing view of the Philadephia skyline
  5. (Despite the fact that I had a nosebleed seat) both felt like I had a good view of the game and had access to what the stadium’s website says is a video display “which is the largest in the National League and among the largest in the world.”
  6. Was inspired me to look up fun facts about the Phillies. For instance, that for two seasons our mascot was the Blue Jay.


From my seat at the 8/24Phillies game against the Nationals


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