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It’s been almost a month since we’ve moved into Haverford House, and, after a valiant effort, I’m realizing that it is physically impossible to go to every market, march, and museum that happens on any given day in Philly. There are simply too many incredible things going on at once! Neverthless, the thought of missing any of them bothers me. So, until I can sit still and chill out about the fact that we live in the coolest neighborhood, one tool I’ve used in maximizing my ability to go everywhere and see everything is…biking!

I’ve always liked cycling, but, thanks in part to an awesome tour led by Chloe Tucker and Parker Snowe during our orientation week, that like has turned into a newfound love.

Just a few of the endless advantages to biking, in a nutshell:
1) I can get home from work around 5, buy my fresh produce in Clarke Park, my Q-tips at CVS, and the most delicious Baklava in the country from Manakeesh, all in under twenty minutes–which leaves enough time to catch an outdoor movie on the Schuylkill or grab a happy hour beer with some friends at Dock Street.
2) I can whiz over to the bike path near Cobbs Creek for a much-needed nature fix after a day spent in the office.
3) I can head east on Spruce and let the downhill breeze cure the near-permanent sweat stains that haunt almost anyone enduring the wrath of Philadelphia humidity.

A wishlist of destinations I’d like to bike to in the future:
1) Valley Forge
2) Over the Ben Franklin Bridge into New Jersey
3) Bartram’s Garden

Suggestions for other places to visit by bike would be much appreciated!

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  1. Jennifer O'Donnell says:

    Bartram’s Garden is well worth the trip. There’s also a fun boat excursion that leaves from the Walnut Street Bridge. Have you done a Kelly Drive/West River Drive ride? Check out

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