Haverford House in transition: the start of the 2012-13 fellowship year

Alas, my fellowship year has ended *sigh*. However, with my departure (along with my former housemates) comes the arrival of an entirely new, bright-eyed bunch of fellows! And I have the great pleasure of introducing them to the blogosphere!! Here they are:

Meg Bishop majored in psych at Haverford and will be working at Community Partnership School (CPS) this year. She hails from NYC.

Emily Dix also majored in psych and will be working alongside Meg at CPS. She is originally from Austin, TX.

Molly Minden will be working at Community Legal Services this year. She majored in Political Science and hails from Madison, WI.

Peter Sacci majored in chemistry (and minored in Spanish) at Haverford. He’ll be taking on my former placement at the Center for Public Health Research at Lankenau Medical Center. He’s from Baltimore, MD

Bea Sanchez was an anthro major and will be working at the Center for Hunger-Free Communities. She’s originally from San Juan, PR

Lizzy Wingfield majored in Philosophy and wil be spending her fellowship year at Philadelphia Legal Assistance. She hails from Middleburgh, NY.

I got to hang out with all of them during their orientation week. So I can personally attest their individual — and collective — awesomeness. Moreover, during orientation we visited a number of great sites throughout Philadelphia, ate lots of delicious food, and met with community organizers. Here were some of the things we did, which are definitely worth doing/checking out (if you haven’t already):

Places to Visit

  • Bartram’s Garden — The large estate of 18th Century botanist, John Bartram, is located along the Schuylkill River in West Philadelphia. With its meadows, parkland, gardens and newly budding orchard, the 45 acre property is an idyllic escape from city life. Bartram’s Garden hosts service-oriented and family-fun events throughout the year. Indeed, we helped clean the garden’s wetlands through an organized volunteer cleanup!
  • Mural Arts Program — Philadelphia is a city of murals and some of its best are found within the city’s center. The Mural Arts Program commissions many of the murals, as well as hosts a plethora of themed tours. During our orientation, we went on the mile walking tour, which was incredible (despite the heat!).
  • Paul Robeson House — Paul Robeson, a modern day Renaissance Man (he was an critically acclaimed performer, lawyer, NFL football player, and civil rights activist during the early to mid 20th Century) spent part of his life living, quite literally, a few blocks away from Haverford House. His house now holds lectures, art and music performances, and guided tours throughout the year. A few of the fellows stopped by the house on a bike tour of West Philly, which was led by Parker Snowe.

Places to Eat/Drink

Desi Village – delicious Indian food on 45th and Baltimore Ave

Dock Street Brewery – some of the best beer and pizza in Philadelphia. They also host really cool events throughout the year (like the Dock St. Beer Run). Located at 50th and Baltimore, it’s a two minute walk from Haverford House (so super convenient!)

Elena’s Soul Lounge —  Located between 49th and 50th and Baltimore, Elena’s has great food, drinks, music, and people. They also have free live jazz on the first Tuesday of every month — definitely worth checking out.

Vientiane — my favorite restaurant in West Philly. It’s a thai-fusion restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, delicious food for reasonable prices, and BYOB. It is, however, cash-only.

And with this final post my active involvement with the Haverford House program will come to an end. It’s been a great run. To the CPGC — thank you for defining my time at Haverford. To the new fellows: you, all of you, are such great people. I am excited to see how your respective years pan out.

Wishing you all the best,

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  1. Janice says:

    Thanks, Peter, for ushering in the 2012 fellows! I would love to hear from each of the newbies: what’s been the most striking part of your experience these past 2 weeks?

  2. I love Vientiane Café! So good! There’s also a great new thai-lao place right near 69th Street Terminal called Sa Bai Dee. A great stop for any fellows travelling from Haverford to the house.

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