Communal Dinners at Haverford House

Every Monday, we at Haverford House have been sharing delicious home-cooked meals. Sometimes just the six of us eat together, but often we have guests from the tri-co community and beyond. So far we’ve hosted members of Haverford classes ranging from 2013 to 2020!

Below, a few snapshots:

The smiling faces of Haverford's Tri-Co Institute class of 2020.

The smiling faces of Haverford’s Tri-Co Institute class of 2020.


Brunch for dinner, courtesy of Itzél. Featuring tofu scramble, quiche, and more.

Brunch for dinner, courtesy of Itzél. Featuring tofu scramble, quiche, and more.


A candid shot of us and our guests digging in.

A candid shot of us and some guests digging in.


Itzél and Kaziah display a beautiful cake they created.

Itzél and Kaziah display a beautiful cake they created.

Most recently, we had an entire group of Haverford international students over during fall break. They were a great bunch and we hope to share photos soon!

Overall, we have had plenty of lovely company for our dinners, ranging from a house of Philly Fellows, to former Haverford House residents, to assorted friends, family, and coworkers. We eat as a community every week on Monday nights, so drop by sometime if you’re in the area, or send us your best recipe ideas. We’d love to see you here!

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Beach Trip & More

Last weekend Haverford House hit the Jersey Shore. Itzél was on a migrant farmworker outreach visit with her job, but the rest of us piled into the car and went down to Ocean City.



Sun, surf, and ice cream made for a lovely day, and the crowds were pretty light this late in the summer. It was great to get out of the city for a day.

Meanwhile, there have been some exciting updates from our job placements: Michaela’s employer, the Education Law Center, played a leading role in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court hearing on the topic of funding for Philadelphia public schools. On a related note, Katie is preparing for a new influx of students at the University City Science Center’s FirstHand program where she works. Lastly, I (Anthony) headed to Harrisburg last week to attend the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons hearings as part of my work at Community Legal Services. One of the applicants I helped there was a former client of Molly Minden, a 2012-13 Haverford House fellow who previously held my position at CLS!

Oh, and one more thing: current Haverford students, STAY TUNED if you are planning to be on campus over fall break! We’re planning to host at least one dinner for any of you who want to come join us in West Philly. With the DC closed and your homework happily ignored, what do you have to lose?


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Summer Update

Hello adoring readers! Yes, both of you! Haverford House is becoming Haverford Home as we settle into the neighborhood. Many fellow ‘Fords visited for our housewarming party the week before last, and this year’s Chesick Scholars came from campus for a visit as well. We also got to know the neighborhood at the annual block party:


Our contribution: brownies

Also close by, Tamar, Katie and I attended Shakespeare in Clark Park’s performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona:

The play's the thing. :)

The play’s the thing. :)

Just a little farther afield, at Bartram’s Gardens, we have been going sunset kayaking every week on Schuylkill:

Maybe or maybe not cleaner than the duck pond.

Maybe or maybe not cleaner than the duck pond.

Apparently it’s a popular spot for CPGC staff, because we ran into Donna and Parker there on consecutive weeks. Hi guys! Lastly, a return to home base. This is Itzél’s new best friend and our potential house mascot:

He thinks he lives here.

He thinks he lives here.

That’s the news from our neck of the woods. Hope everyone out there is surviving the heat wave and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. -Anthony

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Introducing Haverford House ’16-’17

With a fond farewell to our predecessors, hello from Haverford House 2016-17!

For those of you who made it through Callie’s goodbye post without succumbing to tears of nostalgia, I’d like to introduce the new Haverford House fellows:

This year's fellows.

From back left to bottom right, this is Itzél Delgado, Michaela Ward, Kaziah White, Tamar Hoffman, Anthony Marqusee (me), and Katie Rowlett.

This picture was taken at the end of a fun but sweltering orientation week led by Dan and Callie from last year’s cohort. In addition to getting to know the neighborhood, we went on a bike tour of west Philly with Parker and visited the house where Paul Robeson spent his retirement.

The next week we started our job placements. You can read more in our short biographies, but Kaziah and Itzél are spending the year as paralegals working on family law and farmworker advocacy, respectively, at Philadelphia Legal Assistance; Katie is joining the University City Science Center as a programming assistant and laboratory support fellow; Tamar and I are paralegals in the housing and employment units at Community Legal Services; and Michaela is a fellow working on school funding issues at the Education Law Center.

As of this writing we are three weeks into our jobs and starting to get the hang of things. Katie recently led a group of local middle schoolers in a series of food science experiments and Itzél began preparing to give a presentation on tax rights and responsibilities for migrant farmworkers.

At home we are also settling in and enjoying the summer in Philadelphia. We have made good use of the local farmer’s market and a group of us have plans to go kayaking next week. With the Democratic National Convention in town, several fellows also recently exercised their political sides: Kaziah canvassed with Planned Parenthood, and Michaela attended the DNC on Wednesday night, where she saw speakers including Michael Bloomberg, Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.

For now we are continuing to balance learning the ropes at our jobs with enjoying our time off and bonding as a house. Happy summer everyone!


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Haverford House 15-16: Gone But Not Forgotten

Goodbyes are hard, especially when you’re saying goodbye to home full of laughter, joy, memories, and so much love. To speak on behalf of HH’15-’16, we’re incredibly grateful for a year of personal and professional growth, getting to know Philadelphia, quality communal meals, reality television, fun money, new experiences and adventures, and lasting friendships.

I feel so lucky that our group of former acquaintances and even strangers (sorry Dan) quickly grew into a strong support system of dear friends, and I can’t imagine a better year with a better group of people. Let’s walk down memory lane with a year in photos:


Our first day!


Quality Communal Dinners, always. Featuring home-made ravioli.

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 10.34.10 AM

Apple Picking


Boozy Brunch for our friends and neighbors on Pope Weekend ’15


Thanksgiving! Thankful for these kids & Romi’s perseverance cooking that turkey…

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 10.34.19 AM

Chopping down our Christmas Tree at a tree farm in Upper Darby


Secret Snowflake!


Home-made ornaments


Happy Holidays from Haverford House <3


And the winner is…… Kayla!


Snow Day Guac-Off turned Karaoke Dance Party!

Showing off the awesome sled.

Snow Much Fun in Clark Park!

Getting classy for Valentine's Day at Haverford House <3

Getting classy for Valentine’s Day at Haverford House <3


PAL-entine’s Day Friendship Letter Swap!


Our Hook-Up Chart

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 10.44.43 AM

$ Fun Money well spent at Laser Tag $


Pinwheel Day Fairies (Chloe Tucker?!) strike Haverford House!


Beach Trip with the whole crew, including our faithful house pup Moanie <3


Dan and his Sisterwives at the Last Supper </3 Shout out to the CPGC for footing the bill!

$3 well spent

Squeezing six friends into one tiny photobooth


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Last Night Roof Party

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 10.44.39 AM

One final group pic on our last day together <3

Thank you Havhouse ’15-’16 for being my Dwyane, my Rock, and my Johnson, and for making this HaverfordHouse into a HaverfordHome™. I wouldn’t want to live in a decrepit mouse factory with anyone else. And thank you to the CPGC for making all this possible!

Now that our incredible year at Haverford House has come to an end… Romi is continuing her nonprofit work in Thailand with Princeton in Asia. Robin is having a totally turtles time molding young minds at a summer camp in Maine. Kayla is back in New York City and her snapchat game is on point, as always. I’m still working at the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, and just moved into a sweet apartment a mere 4 blocks away from 4915 Hazel Ave. Seema will soon be working at Project Hope in Camden and be my housemate yet again (though this time around I’ll have the giant bedroom)! And Dan has resigned to a life of sleeping on an air mattress on my floor.

Though our year at Haverford House is over, this isn’t the end for Havhouse ’15-’16. I’m so excited for all of our upcoming adventures, together and apart. Tune in again next year when HH ’15-’16 does Thailand!

Of course, all ends lead to new beginnings. And so, I hereby welcome Haverford House 2016-2017! May this year seriously bring you all the joy, laughter, growth, memories, and love it brought us.

Love always, HH’15-’16

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 10.18.59 AM


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Future fellows visit their new home!

The week before the 2016-2017 fellows graduated, they came over for dinner and a house tour. The tour part was important so they could choose their rooms and barter furniture :)

For dinner, we had several types of tasty tacos, involving avocado, strawberries, and cauliflower, plus a raspberry, goat cheese & walnut salad. Head chef Callie did a great job organizing all of her resident sous-chefs.





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Prep for Prep Dinner

This past Thursday night, I had the pleasure of helping to organize a dinner for 22 visiting prospective Prep for Prep and Prep 9 students. As a Prep for Prep alumna myself (Contingent XXVII), I vividly remember that college visiting trip. You’re assigned to the trip by filling out a survey (you answer questions like: is it important that you’re by a city? do you want to be close enough to take a bus home? do you want a small school, medium school, large school, or are you unsure? Is financial aid a huge factor to you, or not?) Eventually, you’re assigned to a bus, that will be visiting a certain number of schools. My bus (Trip C) went to the University of Virginia, Davidson, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Richmond. Here are some pictures from that week, below.


I’ve known and lived across the street from the girl on my left since Prep (over 11 years ago)


College visiting trips are long. They’re exhausting. The food usually leaves much to be desired. And more often than not, current students and admissions staff are more interested in making the school sound good than answering someone’s questions honestly. That’s why I am especially glad that we were able to put together an informal panel and dinner so that we Haverford students could answer questions about campus life openly and honestly. Special shout-outs to the aforementioned “panelists”: Brandon Alleyne ’18, Michael Bueno (XXX) ’18, Dita Cavdarbasha ’19, Isabella Falla (XXX)’18, and Safiyah Riddle ’18. We were able to talk about the transition to college, academic life, tools for academic success, the tri-college consortium, the 4-1 and 3-2 engineering programs that Haverford participates in, the math department, the computer science department, the art department, the music and dance department, traveling between campuses, traveling abroad, taking time off, the relationship between students and professors, the organizations that Haverford partners with, the professional opportunities the campus offers, the various clubs and organizations on campus, the work that student affinity groups and community members put in to make the campus a safer space, etc. Prep for Prep’s core values are Integrity, Commitment, Courage, and Excellence. It is my hope that, at this dinner, we were able to show the prospective students that these are Haverford’s core values as well. From the personalized letters that admissions writes on every acceptance letter, to the post-bac programs that allow you to fund and organize  the events that you only could have dreamed of as a student, Haverford is a place that commits to its students, too, and strives to ensure they are courageous, full of integrity, and capable of excellence. For the road, here’s a true gem:


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Haverford Houses of Years Past

As we all know, March is a time for memories. Today on the Haverford House blog, I thought it would be nice to look back on fellows of years past and remember their time in the house. We’ve loved sharing our stories with you, but it’s not like we’re the only people to ever have lived here! The history of Haverford House is a collection of different faces and stories, as this blog post should make clear.

bike tour

Here’s the fellows from 2011 about to go on their bike tour of Philadelphia! Remember kids, safety first- Always wear a helmet!

cpgc donor

This throwback shot is from the 2004 fellows’ dinner with a CPGC donor- can you spot her in there?




Finally, here’s the house in 2014 about to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic Chinese takeout dinner. Will the house ever see smiles like theirs again?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane- let us know all your crazy March memories in the comments!

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Palentine’s Day

Happy Palentine’s Day, from HavHouse to you!
Our house is wonderfully decorated to show our love for our pals.




Our Palentine Love Letter Swap

Our Palentine Love Letter Swap

And lastly,

We hosted a Palentine's get-together, and played the well known game, Pin the Anatomically Correct Heart on a Skeleton

We hosted a Palentine’s get-together, and played the well known game, Pin the Anatomically Correct Heart on a Skeleton

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Click the image below for a top secret look into Haverford House’s snow day/guac-off/impromptu karaoke session.


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