Hot, Hot Days


As it has been about a week since the last post, I wanted to give you a brief update about life at Haverford. In a word, it is HOT! While cool, morning breezes occasionally refresh us, the burning sun never fails to heat the day, leaving us sweating in 90+ degree heat and extreme humidity. It is as if the saturated air is trying to smother the life out of us…

We humans are not the only ones suffering, however. Our tender garden plants — the green shoots that once vied for the sun’s attention — now crumple beneath oppressive heat of the day. Several bean plants have wilted, the lettuce plants have bolted (i.e., gone to seed), and the tomatoes are suffering from blossom-end rot, a disease that stems (no pun intended) from a lack of both water and calcium in the soil.

So, since the heat is threatening some of our crops and next week marks the end of students’ time on campus, we have decided to make an extensive foray into the garden tonight. Our goals are simple: (1) weed all of the rows to reduce competition for water in the soil and (2) harvest everything possible. Hopefully, we will come away with a large crop of potatoes, green beans, beats, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and brussel sprouts.

Pictures and a post on that adventure soon to come.