A Bountiful Harvest


Whether you are a locavore or not, you have to admit that food tastes better in the summer.  Farm-fresh tomatoes pack an acidic punch. Gigantic white peaches send juice running down your chin. And, local butter-and-sugar corn kernels seem to melt on the tongue.  The food is fresh, abundant, and celebrated.

This summer in the garden, however, we are discovering that food grown in one’s backyard tastes even better. Our SWEET PEAS had such crunch that we could hardly keep ourselves from snacking as we harvested. The RADISHES were so spicy, we seemed capable of eating just one or two at a time. Even the CAULIFLOWER, our weakest performing crop, had a smooth, buttery texture not found in the supermarket.

What’s so exciting about this discovery is that the garden is really starting to perform now that the “dog days” of July have arrived. Though all of us living at Haverford are suffering in the 90-100 degree weather, which seems to be intensified by the stagnant air flow in our apartments, we are eating quite well. Just yesterday, a friend and I harvested this beautiful cornucopia of veggies. As you can see, the BEETS, ONIONS, and CUCUMBERS are still producing well. More importantly, the GREEN BEANS and POTATOES are in!  Indeed, these backyard veggies are unlike any I have ever had…

More to come on the Garden Party this weekend. I hope everyone else is managing to stay cool.