Explosive Growth


Though it has been a long time since the last post, the garden has been a busy place. While I was gone on vacation, several other students associated with the Garden Initiative took care of the garden. Many kudos to them for their excellent work!

According to their updates, the Philadelphia area suffered a stint of extreme heat and humidity over the past few days, leaving me fearful for the plants. Yet, instead of wilting everything in the garden, the heat has seemed to catalyze the plant growth.

As I toured through the garden late last night, I was shocked to see how much the plants have grown in the last ten days. The tomato plants – which once formed neat little rows we could walk through – have become a dense jungle of leafy greens, stalks, and rotund fruit. The basil, the herb we were sure would fail, has grown so tall and thick even a huge pot of pesto could not contain their leaves. Even the green bean plants have started sending forth their succulent and crispy pods.  Only the tender frisée lettuce seedlings suffered in the heat and wilted.

Otherwise, I am excited to report that tonight holds our much awaited sign painting event. A group of us will gather in the garden to paint a series of signs meant to make the garden an educational space. My hope is that they provide a colorful and enlightening way for people to see what we are growing. More news on that later this week…