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The Club Life @ Haverford

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Where They're Headed

A blog series reporting on the post-Haverford plans of members of the Class of 2014.


What They Learned

A series exploring the thesis work of members of the Class of 2014. 


Move-In Day 2014

On Aug. 27, we welcomed the newest members of the Haverford community, the Class of 2018, to campus.

Where They’re Headed: Emily Scott ’14

This fall, Emily Scott ’14 will be pursuing her passion for academics and athletics as a math teacher and assistant cross country and track coach at Peddie School, an elite, private institution in Hightstown, N.J. Scott, a math major with a minor in Educational...

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Marla Dominguez ’14

The subject of Marla Dominguez’s history thesis— “From Migrants in a ‘Host Country’ to Transnational Permanence: Dominicans in New York City, 1965 – 2000”—wasn’t just an academic interest; it was inspired by her own family.


Chemistry major Jen Reeve’s senior thesis (“Investigations Into The Fungal Degradation of Crude Oil”) was an outgrowth of the work that her advisor, Assistant Professor Helen White, is doing related to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill. But it was also partly inspired by a comment made by the very observant parent of one of her labmates.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Daniel Grabell ’14

For his senior thesis (“Hiding the Heresy in Plain Sight: Adaptability, Hybridity & Identity in Seventeenth Century Peru”) history major Daniel Grabell examined the life of Guaman Poma, an Incan noble who in the early 1600s authored an unusual book, chronicling the history of the Incan Empire and the injustices of the Spanish Conquest.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Avi Bregman ’14

Chemistry major Avi Bregman’s thesis, “Charge Transport Properties of Doped Nanographene Bowties,” picked up where his former classmate, Jennifer Whealdon, left off with her own thesis research a year before.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Raymond DeLuca ’14

Raymond DeLuca originally planned to write his senior thesis about a failed anarchist uprising against the Soviet government. But after researching an English version of the group’s daily newspaper, he discovered that a group of Russian émigrés in Prague had done the translating and dissemination of the paper, and he was moved instead to write “Refugees, Immigrants and Émigrés: A Reinterpretation of the Russian ‘Émigré’ Community in Prague, 1919-1939.”

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Alexandra Wolkoff ’14

Sociology major Alexandra Wolkoff started taking classes in the dance department at Bryn Mawr College during her freshman year and was so transformed by the experience that she sought to use her senior capstone project to study why.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Neilay Shah ’14

Neilay Shah’s history senior thesis, “The Luce-Celler Act of 1946: White Nationalism, Indian Nationalism, and the Cosmopolitan Elite,” focused on different implications of the law, which provided a quota of 100 Filipinos and 100 Indians to immigrate into the United States each year.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Matt Johnson ’14

Chemistry major Matt Johnson investigated the mechanisms by which some species of bacteria naturally produce pharmaceutically useful compounds, such as antibiotics, for his senior thesis.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Katie Ulrich ’14

Katie Ulrich traveled far from Haverford’s campus to conduct the research for her senior thesis, “Problematizing the Future: Brazil, Biofuels, and Basic Science,” traveling to Brazil to conduct fieldwork in a botany lab.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Robert Brooks ’14

Robert Brooks is looking toward a career in healthcare, but his desire to help people through science was partially inspired by his senior thesis, “Epigenetic Inheritance in a C. elegans Model of Increased Second Generational bli-5 Penetrance,” which studied C. elegans, a worm model organism.

Where They’re Headed: Daniel Barton ’14

    Computer science major Daniel Barton ’14 went straight from Commencement to a job with Garmin as a Software Engineer. As part of the company’s Hardware Integration Team in Olathe, Kansas, Barton will be spending most of his time working on building...