Conjuring the Great Pumpkin


In honor of Halloween on Thursday, the Women’s Center hosted a  pumpkin decorating craft session in the Sunken Lounge of the Dining Center.

Participants at the free evening event were each given a small pumpkin to decorate however they wished, using a wide variety of craft supplies that included glitter, paint, glue, ribbon, markers, and colored craft pom-poms.

Students had a great time getting into the holiday spirit with their creative and spooky designs, and were encouraged to take their embellished pumpkins back to their dorm rooms.






 Photos by Thom Carroll.

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Remembering Greg Kannerstein ’63


The late Greg Kannerstein ’63 was honored this week when the Haverford crew team christened its newest boat “Mr. Haverford.”  That’s the nickname the beloved Kannerstein earned over the course of 41 years at the College, where he served as dean of the college, admission director, baseball coach, professor, and more.  The decision to name the 8-person boat for Kannerstein, who was athletics director when the Crew team launched as a club sport in 1998, was an easy one says William Leeser ’15, a captain of the 25-member team, along with Nora Okoth ’16, and Tina Rothschild ’16.  “Greg Kannerstein helped start the team when he was AD,” says Lesser. “He hired Coach Val [Valeria Gospodinov, a member of Bulgaria’s 1988 Olympic rowing team], and he was one of our biggest supporters.” The boat was purchased using funds from a variety of sources, including donations to the team through the Athletics Department, and the proceeds from fund raising efforts and the sale of an old boat.  During the fall and spring seasons, the team, which each year welcomes new members with no rowing experience, practices out of the Villanova University boathouse in Conshohocken, Pa.




Photos by Brad Larrison.

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The Inauguration in Video and Photos

A video of the full ceremony:

The inauguration of Daniel H. Weiss, Haverford’s 14th president, took place on Saturday, Oct. 26, on a spectacular fall day that brought sunshine, blue skies, and pleasant temperatures.

The event brought together five of the College’s previous presidents, who were part of the  more than 200-member robed processional that conducted Dan Weiss into Marshall Auditorium in Roberts Hall for the ceremony.

Various members of the Haverford community, representing, faculty, staff, students, and alumni, took to the podium to welcome Weiss, as did members of the Corporation and the Board of Managers. Anya Krugovoy Silver ’90 read her poem “Kore,” and Bryn Mawr College Interim President Kimberly Wright Cassidy, Swarthmore College President Rebecca S. Chopp, and William G. Bowen, president emeritus of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and a longtime friend of Weiss, all offered remarks. And after the ceremony, an expanded Haverford community (which included the throngs on campus for Inauguration, as well as those attending Family and Friends Weekend) gathered in Alumni Field House for a community luncheon.


Weiss (left) before the ceremony with (L-R) Bob Gavin, Tom Tritton, Steve Emerson, and Joanne Creighton.

2jr-DWandkessengerWith Haverford’s 11th President, Tom Kessinger.

3jr-DWwithTrittonWith the College’s 12th President, Tom Tritton
4jr-DWwithEmerspmWith Stephen G. Emerson ’74, the 13th President.
5JR6preszSMThe presidents gather for a formal portrait. (left to right) Kessinger, Tritton, Weiss, Emerson, Joanne Creighton (interim president 2011-2013), and Robert Gavin (who served as acting president in 1996).
6robingin hallThe members of the President’s procession gather in Founders Great Hall.

8JRprocessionstarts9jr-proc.onwalk9jr-facultyprocess9jr-qendofprocessThe procession enters Roberts Hall, with Weiss at the end.

11jr-evanswelcomeClerk of the Corporation, Jonathan Wood Evans ’77 welcomes the audience.12jr-krugovoyAnna Krugovoy Silver ’90, reads her poem “Kore.”
13jr-koshlandCatherine P. Koshland ’72.
14jr-choppRebecca S. Chopp, president of Swarthmore College, holds up a copy of the book she and Dan Weiss recently co-authored.15jr-cassidyInterim President of Bryn Mawr College Kimberly Wright Cassidy.
16jr-bowenWilliam G. Bowen, president emeritus of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

17DZJdwseated21DZJDRobertsspeaksDeborah H. Roberts, chair of the Classics department and clerk of the faculty.

21jr-choralefrombalcA performance by the Chamber Singers of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, directed music professor  Thomas Lloyd. 22DZJsingers

23DZJHLonstageBoard of Managers Co-Chair Howard Lutnick ’83 presents Dan Weiss to the College.24jr-DWfullplatform



27jr-presentingquoteOn behalf of the College, Lutnick presents to Weiss a framed quotation from Isaac Sharpless that was part of his commencement address to the Class of 1888.
28DZJDWKKHLwalkingWeiss walks with Board Co-Chairs Catherine Koshland and Howard Lutnick after the ceremony.

Photos by Jim Roese and Dan Z. Johnson.

For more coverage of inauguration, read a live-tweeted account of the day, including excerpts from the different inauguration speeches, here

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Haverford Inaugurates 14th President

Didn’t make it to campus on Oct. 26 for Dan Weiss’ inauguration as Haverford’s 14th president? You can follow along  in real time as we post live updates from our Twitter account (@haverfordedu).

Live posts will begin around 10:30 a.m.

Scroll down for oldest posts and refresh the page for the latest updates.

  1. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    RT @jonyu8: President of @haverfordedu Daniel H. Weiss waving to bystanders after his inauguration ceremony today

  2. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Some plaques of congratulations from fellow presidents and colleges. #inauguration

  3. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    That’s all, folks! If you’re on campus please join us for a campus luncheon in the Field House. #inauguration

  4. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    . @HowardLutnick presents Dan w/framed quotation from President Isaac Sharpless, designed by Stuart Roy David ’63.

  5. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Weiss:”A life of fulfillment and purpose is realized one student at a time.” #inauguration

  6. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Weiss: “We should look to the future with energy and ambition” while remembering our traditions and past. #inauguration

  7. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Weiss: “We must do a better job of making a case to an increasingly skeptical public of the benefits of a liberal education.” #inauguration

  8. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    “Our results represents the gold standard of liberal arts around the world…The opportunity before us is in reflecting on what lies ahead.”

  9. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Weiss talks about how higher ed is experiencing its greatest change in history and what that means for Haverford.

  10. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Weiss talks about former president Isaac Sharpless, whose words still hang on his office wall.

  11. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Weiss: this is an institution that inspires admiration in many and there is much to love. #inauguration

  12. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Now it is time for the man himself to speak! President Dan Weiss is welcomed with a standing ovation. #inauguration

  13. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    . @HowardLutnick says Dan is a steward of our traditions. He will ensure our best days are in front of us.

  14. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    . @HowardLutnick explains the presidential search committee and process: “we set a very high bar and then we met Dan Weiss.”

  15. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Co-chair of Board of Managers @HowardLutnick ’83 says we are celebrating Dan Weiss’ first 117 days.

  16. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Chamber Singers sing accompanied only by the flute playing of Robert Hillinick ’15. #inauguration

  17. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Bi-Co Chamber Singers now perform a premiere of Prof Thomas Lloyd’s “Life Time,” feat. lyrics from a William Saroyan poem. #inauguration

  18. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Classics Prof Deborah Roberts welcomes Dan “as a member if the faculty.” “We look forward to working with you in these changing times.”

  19. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Elizabeth Romano represents the staff, welcoming Dan and promising the staff’s help in his journey forward here at Haverford. #inauguration

  20. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Dan played along in our Humans vs Zonbies game, “proving he really does like brains.” #sccoheads #inauguration

  21. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Jacob Lowy ’14 & Phillip Drexler ’14 welcome Dan, saying that no only do they see a lot of him in their work but all students do!

  22. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Gordon: The lives our alumni live are the best advertisement for the worth if a liberal arts education. #inauguration

  23. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Eliot Gordon ’78 welcomes Dan, saying that he represents Dan’s biggest constituency. Oldest living alum was born when Wilson was POTUS!

  24. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    RT @SpauldingCC: breathtakingly beautiful day at haverford @ Haverford College

  25. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Bowen says there is much to be said for how an intimate college like this one can gain scale by collaborating with others.

  26. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Bowen talks about technology and the future of higher education. #inauguration

  27. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Bowen quotes Sir Arthur Lewis: “brain power is a special concern of the university.. We build character no less than brain.”

  28. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    William Bowen, who has known Dan since his days at @JohnsHopkins, says his history with us goes back to an undergrad tennis match in the 50s

  29. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Cassidy “rats out” her sibling president: Dan has conservative taste in ties; on his motorcycle trips Dan orders red wine in biker bars.

  30. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Cassidy sees @BrynMawrCollege‘s and our relationship as one of siblings. “Dan is a wonderful champion of the liberal arts.”

  31. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Chopp: Dan’s greatest gift is building a community. #inauguration

  32. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Rebecca Chopp: to understand Dan as a leader you must understand Dan as a scholar… Dan will explore each issue carefully and creatively.

  33. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Cathy Koshland ’72 welcomes @swarthmore‘s Rebecca Chopp & @BrynMawrCollege‘s Kimberly Wright Cassidy. #inauguration

  34. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Poet Anya Silver ’90 reads her poem “Kore,” written in honor of Dan & Sandra Weiss. #inauguration

  35. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Jonathan Evans ’77 welcomes everyone to #inauguration.

  36. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    RT @okeefej_62: looking forward to both Dan Weiss and William Bowen speeches @haverfordedu #inauguration #danweiss14

  37. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    The procession enters Roberts. #inauguration

  38. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    RT @Oscar_Wang: With @kryanlion and @ToddWohl waiting for President Dan Weiss’s inauguration. Proud to be at @haverfordedu…

  39. Haverford College

  40. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Founders bell rings signifying that its time to start the show. #inauguration

  41. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    RT @kryanlion: Happy inauguration day to Haverford’s newest president, Dan Weiss! Now, a rousing cheer of DAN DAN HE’S OUR MAN

  42. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    A sea of robes lining up in Founders Great Hall for processional. #inauguration

  43. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    #DanWeiss14 with 5 other recent past presidents before #inauguration. Can you name them?

  44. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    #Inaugurationguests are starting to arrive at Roberts Hall. T-minus 25 minutes…

  45. Haverford College

  46. Haverford College
    Haverford College:
    Delegates from 97 other schools are gathering in Founders Great Hall in academic regalia for #inauguration.

  47. Haverford College


For more on the inauguration, you can see a gallery of photos and watch video of the ceremony here

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Artist in Residence Brian Dettmer at Work


At Haverford, we love “digging” into our books—sometimes quite literally!

Just yesterday, in conjunction with the John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities, we welcomed the Mellon Tri-College Artist in Residence Brian Dettmer to our campus for the rest of the semester.

Dettmer is a sculptor of books, using his method of carving into “authoritative texts” to “amplify their physicality and question their semantic significance.” Yesterday, Dettmer hosted an artist lab in the KINSC Rotunda on campus, where he worked on carving the book Tristram Shandy, by Laurence Sterne. The artist lab will continue tomorrow (Thursday)  in the same location, from 2:30-4 p.m. All are welcome to stop by.

Can’t make it tomorrow? Come learn more at the Gallery Talk with Dettmer and the Gallery Opening for Elemental at the Cantor-Fitzgerald Gallery in the Campus Center, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. this Friday, October 25th. See more examples of Dettmer’s work at

Students and faculty members look on as Dettmer works on book carving at the artist lab on Tuesday, October 22nd.

DettmerDemo008 DettmerDemo005 DettmerDemo002

Photos by Brad Larrison.

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It’s Phonathon Season!

Phonathon in Founders

Some students at Haverford get paid to talk!

October is Phonathon season, meaning that in the weeks leading up to Fall Break student workers spend their evening hours calling up alumni to solicit donations to the school. These students, from freshmen to seniors, are trained comprehensively by staffers in Institutional Advancement, who also supervise the calling sessions, which take place in Founders Common Room.

Whether or not you’ve gotten a call from our friendly Phonathon workers, feel free to donate to the Annual Fund!

Phonathon in Founders Phonathon in Founders Phonathon in Founders

Photos by Brad Larrison.

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Humans vs. Zombies: The Game


The apocalypse has arrived at Haverford!

Humans vs. Zombies, a game of modified tag popular at colleges and universities nationwide, has been going on this October on campus. Nearly 200 students, staff, and administrators signed up to play, including President Dan Weiss (who reportedly has become a zombie, and is still active in the game).

For a full account of this eleven-day game, and to learn how to play, check out the Haverford Clerk’s article.

Photo from Zombieland (2009), Columbia Pictures

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CPGC and IITS Digital Storytelling Workshop

Digital Storytelling workshop in the Stokes Tech center.

The Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC) and Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) teamed up once again to offer a three-part workshop for students on digital storytelling.

Participants first worked on gathering a story from pictures and video of their summer internships and trips, with the help of Philadelphia artist Jamie Schilling. Next, they learned how to use FinalCutPro, a video editing and audio recording software, to edit and finesse their work, with help from Chloe Tucker, international programs coordinator for the CPGC, and Charles Woodard, the digital media specialist in IITS.

The workshop series, which has been held three times since 2012, has helped to create a number of student video projects. To see more, watch one of the video projects created by Helen Farley ’14, a student at last year’s session. Read more about how the digital storytelling workshop came together last year on the Instructional Technology blog.

Chloe Tucker '07 (seated, far left) international programs coordinator for the CPGC, helped facilitate the workshop.
Chloe Tucker ’07 (seated, far left), international programs coordinator for the CPGC, helped facilitate the three-session Digital Storytelling Workshop, which concluded Sept. 26.


Charles Woodard (left) the IITS digital media specialist helps a student in the Digital Storytelling Workshop.
IITS Digital Media Specialist Charles Woodard (left) works with  a student in the Digital Storytelling Workshop.


Digital Storytelling workshop in the Stokes Tech center.

Photos by Brad Larrison.

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Discussions With Dan

Weiss_Talk_007Ever wonder what exactly a college president does?

To answer that question, new president of the college Dan Weiss met with students at an informal open forum last Thursday (9/26) in Chase Auditorium, from 7:30 to 8:30p.m. During this discussion, he outlined his job responsibilities and explained his priorities for the college. Students were encouraged to ask questions during the talk.

This is the second in this series of seminars, designed to facilitate engagement between students and the new president. The first, called Donuts with Dan, was held just a few weeks before.

Interested in learning more about the details of the event? Read the Haverford Clerk’s article.

Weiss_Talk_005 Students listen as President Dan Weiss answers a question. Weiss_Talk_010 Weiss_Talk_011

Photos by Brad Larrison.

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Religion and Spiritual Life Week


Last week, as part of Religion and Spiritual Life Week on campus (Sept. 20-27th), white signs lined the pathways of Founders Green. These signs were filled with encouraging, thoughtful quotes from prominent peace workers, philosophers, and religious leaders, including this one from Khalil Gibran: “Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are the eternity and you are the mirror.”

Religion and Spiritual Life Week is an annual opportunity for different religious groups on campus to reach out to the Haverford community and to each other. This year, there were a number of open, free or low-cost events, such as an introductory Buddhist Meditation class, an Alternatives to Violence Program Advanced Workshop, Quaker Meeting, movie viewings, the Jewish Student Union-led Shabbat Services, and a Christian House Dinner and Discussion on Civil Rights. Marcelle Martin, the Quaker Friend In Residence during the week, also led workshops and discussions on her work as an author, scholar, and teacher.

The week culminated in the Quaker Community group’s yearly retreat for all students and community members at Snipes Farm on Saturday.

Carroll-1235 Carroll-1254 Carroll-1251 Carroll-1249 Carroll-1236Photos by Thom Carroll.


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