Where They're Headed

A blog series reporting on the post-Haverford plans of members of the Class of 2014.


What They Learned

A series exploring the thesis work of members of the Class of 2014. 


WHAT THEY LEARNED: Matt Johnson ’14

Chemistry major Matt Johnson investigated the mechanisms by which some species of bacteria naturally produce pharmaceutically useful compounds, such as antibiotics, for his senior thesis.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Katie Ulrich ’14

Katie Ulrich traveled far from Haverford’s campus to conduct the research for her senior thesis, “Problematizing the Future: Brazil, Biofuels, and Basic Science,” traveling to Brazil to conduct fieldwork in a botany lab.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Robert Brooks ’14

Robert Brooks is looking toward a career in healthcare, but his desire to help people through science was partially inspired by his senior thesis, “Epigenetic Inheritance in a C. elegans Model of Increased Second Generational bli-5 Penetrance,” which studied C. elegans, a worm model organism.

Where They’re Headed: Daniel Barton ’14

    Computer science major Daniel Barton ’14 went straight from Commencement to a job with Garmin as a Software Engineer. As part of the company’s Hardware Integration Team in Olathe, Kansas, Barton will be spending most of his time working on building...

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Emily Mayer ’14

San Francisco native Emily Mayer traveled across the country to come to college at Haverford, but when it came time for the history major to write her thesis she looked no further than her own Bay Area backyard, writing about Women’s Building, a women-owned community center and landmark in the Mission District.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Valerie Snow ’14

Valerie Snow’s thesis, “Subsisting on Constitutional Promises: Socio-Economic Rights Litigation for the Poor,” examined the ability of the judiciary to help realize the social and economic rights of the poor, including rights to water, education, housing, or health care in India, Colombia, and South Africa.

Where They’re Headed: Oscar Wang ’14

Oscar Wang ’14 is now working as the executive director of Mentor for Philly (MFP), a program he started last year that recruits Philadelphia-area college students to mentor high schoolers as they prepare for post-secondary study.

Where They’re Headed: Rachael Kantor ’14

Rachael Kantor ’14 is bound for Bocas Del Toro, Panama, to work with Floating Doctors, a nonprofit organization that provides free health care services, education, medical supplies, and emergency assistance to rural communities all over the world.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Henry Elliman ’14

Anthropology major Henry Elliman connected an extracurricular passion with his research for his thesis, “ Pain’s Protest: Accounts of Chronic Pain from the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center.”

Where They’re Headed: Kai Xin Chen ’14

Kai Xin Chen ’14 is the third Haverford alum to participate in the Math for America (MfA) Fellowship, a five-year program that includes one year of graduate school and four years of teaching in public schools.

Student Filmmakers Document Oil Spill Researchers on the Gulf Coast

The four students participating in Haverford College’s newly launched Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Fellowship have returned from their first trip to the Gulf Coast: a four-day, whirlwind tour from Pensacola, Fla., to New Orleans, La., during which they filmed Assistant Professor of Chemistry Helen White and her two student interns as they collected oil samples.