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Where They're Headed

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The Club Life @ Haverford

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The anthropology major began the ethnographic fieldwork for her thesis on how Valparaíso residents respond to the urban changes that tourism triggers during her semester abroad in Chile.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Asha Warner ’15

A course taken during her sophomore year inspired the political science major and Mandarin Chinese minor for her thesis on “Farm Fresh Foods: A Policy Analysis of Local Food Programs.”

Where They’re Headed: Sarah Eppler-Epstein ’15

Sarah Eppler-Epstein’s mix of academic interests—public policy and criminal justice—perfectly suited her for her soon-to-begin career as a research assistant at the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute in Washington D.C.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Alison Reynolds ’15

For most of us, mosquitos are a nuisance, but not for biology major Alison Reynolds whose thesis research created a probe to track the expression of a certain gene in a specific type of the pesky bloodsucker.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Catherine Casem ’15

Catherine Casem is looking towards a career in film production, but for her senior thesis the comparative literature major approached movies from a different angle, comparing the Paul Thomas Anderson film Magnolia with Marcel Proust’s seven-volume In Search of Lost Time.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Adam Van Aken ’15

Adam Van Aken’s computer science thesis was motivated by the attempt to provide a new method of computer input, replacing a mouse and keyboard, for people with certain physical disabilities.

Where They’re Headed: Max Findley ’15

Max Findley’s work for the aquatic geochemistry laboratory at the University of Michigan will take him to Toolik Field Station, a research base in the far north of Alaska, to collect and analyze samples.

Where They’re Headed: Kathryn Ross ’15

For Kathryn Ross ‘15, who has been committed to volunteer work since high school, joining the Peace Corps to teach English in Tanzania is a natural extension of her inclination towards community service.

Where They’re Headed: Debbie Leter ’15

Debbie Leter ’15 is working for the Quaker United Nations Office in New York next year as a program assistant, which will involve attending UN meetings, organizing events and meetings, and conducting her own research.

Where They’re Headed: Allie DiTucci ’15

Allie DiTucci is embarking on a two-year fellowship at Environment America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and advocating for better environmental policies.

Where They’re Headed: Sarah Wolberg ’15

Sarah Wolberg ’15 is working in communications office of the Barnes Foundation, the Philadelphia museum that holds one of the finest collections of Post-Impressionist and early Modern paintings.