Where They’re Headed: Gregory Miraglia ’14

Where They’re Headed: Gregory Miraglia ’14

Biology major Gregory Miraglia ’14 will be moving to the Silicon Valley this fall in order to study biotech intellectual property at Santa Clara Law, the law school of Santa Clara University. This education will allow him to inform decisions on whether new biological technologies infringe on existing patents.

His time at Haverford gave him a strong appreciation for the sciences as well as topics outside his field. “Entering into law enables me to continue to work around the field of science without having to devote myself to a singular endeavor,” he says. “I will be exposed to an endless array of new technologies and discoveries across multiple disciplines.”

Miraglia predicts that these new technological developments will bring with them a host of ethical questions—Santa Clara already has a class on the ethics of assisted reproduction, cloning, and genetic engineering.

As the recipient of the Dean’s Fellowship, Miraglia will be provided a full scholarship for his three years of law school. “I am immensely honored,” he says, “and will dedicate myself to living up to the high standard set by previous awardees.”

—Sam Fox ’14

“Where They’re Headed” is a blog series reporting on the post-Haverford plans of members of the Class of 2014.

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