It’s Finally Pinwheel Day 2014!

It’s Finally Pinwheel Day 2014!

As you probably know, it was an unusually long and snowy winter here at Haverford, as it was in many places across the U.S. (It will actually be recorded as the second snowiest in Philadelphia history with its almost 68 inches of snowfall!) At times it felt like spring would never come. On March 20 it officially did. And then it snowed again.

So today is the day that everyone on campus has been waiting for: our unofficial start of spring when we celebrate the sunshine and warm weather with cheerful spinning pinwheels on Founders Green. This year we REALLY earned it.


The Haverford tradition known as Pinwheel Day is a mysterious one. But once a year, to celebrate the start of warm weather, a secret group of Fords transforms the Green into a festive field of spinning pinwheels to commemorate the beginning of warm weather.

So whether in person or via one of our social media channels (use #pinwheelday), let’s celebrate spring together as only Haverfordians can!

Photo by Thom Carroll.