Find it all at the Bookstore

Find it all at the Bookstore


Need anything?

The Haverford College Bookstore, located in the basement of the Whitehead Campus Center, is the perfect (and only!) place on campus to grab supplies of any kind. With sections for things like textbooks, study supplies, non-class readings, food and drink, greeting cards, Haverford apparel, and even a shelf of Free Trade items, the store offers students options for shopping without having to leave campus. Newly renovated, this space is always a hub of activity, with its convenient location near the mailroom and beneath the Coop.

If you’re away from campus, though, you’re not out of luck! You now can use the Bookstore’s website to purchase Haverford-related merchandise. And with the holidays approaching, its site is a quick and easy way to shop for the Ford in your life.






Book_Store018Photos by Brad Larrison.



  1. Hi. I’m class of 2007 and I’m wondering if I can purchase a T shirt and have it delivered to my address in California. Thank you.

  2. Hi John. Welcome and congratulations! You can purchase a t-shirt (or any Haverswag) over on our bookstore site, and have it shipped directly to you. See you in the fall!

  3. Need some Haverford Merchandise’s sent to me to order on line.



  4. Can I purchase Haverford Logo Polo shirts on line? My son will graduate in May of 2014.


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