Dave Goldberg’s User’s Guide to the Universe

Dave Goldberg’s User’s Guide to the Universe

Dave GoldbergSM

Why are past, present, and future our only options?

Are time and space like a butterfly’s wings?

Astrophysicist Dave Goldberg provided the answers to these questions and many others in a talk he gave last week in Sharpless auditorium. Goldberg, a professor at Drexel University, is the author of two accessible and amusing books about physics: A User’s Guide to the Universe (with Jeff Blomquist) and The Universe in the Rearview Mirror. He is also a contributor to Slate and writes the witty “Ask a Physicist” column for the website io9.com, in which he has offered  “a practical guide for the intergalactic traveler,” and answered such reader queries as, “ Is the earth getting heavier?” and “How does spacetime get bent?  You can hear Goldberg talk about one of his favorite subjects, “Symmetry, and why it matters,” in this YouTube video.

goldberg talkSM


Photos by Thom Carroll.

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