Multicultural Scholars Program Welcomes New Students

On Friday evening (Sept. 6), the Multicultural Scholars Program held its start-of-the-academic year “Get Acquainted” gathering in the Bryn Mawr Room of the Dining Center. The student-run networking and mentoring program collaborates with faculty and deans to plan workshops and panels and organize trips and informal social events to help upperclassmen share their experiences with new students.

Throughout the fall semester, the group will meet on Wednesday evenings for dinner and a series of workshops aimed at helping students achieve academic excellence. The full schedule of sessions, which run through December 8, can be found here.


Joaquin Vargas, speaking, and David Sidibe, standing at right, two of the MSP student coordinators.
Joaquin Vargas, speaking, and David Sidibe, standing at right, two of the Multicultural Scholars Program student coordinators.


Professor Jeff Tecosky-Feldman (math), an MSP faculty/dean coordinator (along with Professor Thomas Lloyd (music) and First Year Dean Michael Martinez
Professor of Mathematics Jeff Tecosky-Feldman, an MSP faculty/dean coordinator, addresses the group. Working with Tecosky -Feldman this year are Associate Professor of Music  Thomas Lloyd  and Dean of First-Year Students Michael Martinez.

DSC_8900 (1)


Photos by Peter Tobia.

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