Where They’re Headed: Kelsey Bilek ’13

Where They’re Headed: Kelsey Bilek ’13

Since mid-June, anthropology major Kelsey Bilek ’13 has been working as an education advisor with Taurus Education in Shanghai, China.

Taurus Education advises and assists Chinese high school students, preparing them to attend American colleges and universities. “My work mostly includes helping students with their college applications, preparing them for the admissions process, and advising them on what to expect attending college in the U.S.,” Bilek says.


While at Haverford, Bilek worked in the Admission Office, interacting with prospective students as a senior interviewer. First introduced to the college admission process on the institutional side, she now finds herself engaged in the process on the side of the applicants, advocating for students. “Their desire to go live and study in a place that’s so foreign, challenging, and different is inspiring,” says Bilek.

 “Where They’re Headed” is a series of occasional blog posts reporting on the post-Haverford plans of members of the Class of 2013.

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