A Look Back At Pinwheel Day

A Look Back At Pinwheel Day

Yesterday Founders Green was festooned with scores of pinwheels spinning in the sunshine to mark the unofficial start of spring. Students picnicked among the pinwheels, played Frisbee, and brought out instruments and stereo speakers to fill the Green with music.

In case you missed it (or just want to relive it), here are just a few snapshots (and one video featuring Thomas Lloyd’s Bi-Co Chamber Singers practicing outdoors, because it was too nice to sing inside) of Pinwheel Day 2013.

L-9996 L-9991 L-9987 L-9982 L-9973 L-9971 L-0324 L-0318 L-0190 L-0177 L-0173 L-0164 L-0149 L-0146 L-0134 L-0132 L-0102 L-0088 L-0082 L-0077 L-0070 L-0067 L-0056 L-0054 L-0053 L-0043 L-0038 L-0008 L-0003

All photos by Thomas Carroll


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