Fords Against Boredom Sponsors “Loveshack”

Fords Against Boredom Sponsors “Loveshack”


Ryan Gym was filled with students on Saturday for Loveshack, an annual event created by Fords Against Boredom (FAB), an organization funded by Student’s Council to provide fun, alcohol-free events both on and off campus. Modeled on the idea of making gingerbread houses, Loveshack gives students the opportunity to organize into teams of whatever size they choose and make whatever they want out of graham crackers, icing and more candy than anyone knows what to do with.  This year the event was a huge success with 150 students braving the ice and snow to attend.

Some of the creations were Haverford-centric, such as miniature models of the Duck Pond, apartment 26 in the Haverford College Apartments and numerous replicas of squirrels. Others went with the Valentine’s Day theme and created hearts and heart-shaped buildings.  (The crowning achievement in this category was undoubtedly the “Prison of Love,” which had towers and even a drawbridge.)  Still other teams, trying to be less predictable, created graham cracker models of farm scenes, the Superbowl and Noah’s Ark.  There was even a sarcophagus with a napkin wrapped mummy inside.

At the end of the night, prizes were awarded and any remaining candy was quickly snatched up as everyone departed.

Jack Hasler ‘15

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