What Can a Body Do? Opens at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

What Can a Body Do? Opens at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

The October 26 opening of the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery exhibit What Can a Body Do? featured a performance by New York artist Christine Sun Kim. Deaf since birth, Kim’s work explores the physicality of sound and investigates ways of reclaiming sound for those who cannot hear.  In her Haverford performance, Kim displayed a method she has developed to use sound to create art by placing brushes and paint atop  a piece of paper or wood placed directly on the subwoofer of a speaker. When the speakers are cranked up, the brushes bounce across the surface recording the pattern of vibrations and feedback.

As part of the exhibit, Kim, a Mellon Tri-College Artist-in-residence, is exhibiting a series of drawings she calls “etudes” which combine musical notation, American Sign Language notation, and other graphic elements.

What Can a Body Do? is curated by Amanda Cachia and features nine artists whose work explores the idea of disability in surprising and inventive ways.  The show runs through December 16.


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