What Can You Say In Only Two Minutes?

What Can You Say In Only Two Minutes?

On Thursday, September 20, a group of students, faculty and staff gathered in the Philips Wing of Magill Library to attend an evening of so-called “Lightning Talks.” The collaborative event was run by SAVE AS, a group of community members who began talking last spring about the opportunities digital media and technology provide us.¬† SAVE AS hopes to help Haverford become more involved with how technology and scholarly pursuits can intersect in the online and digital spheres.

Laurie Allen, the coordinator of digital scholarship in Magill.

The speakers, which included a mix of intelligent Haverford members from Corey Chao of IITS to Shahzeen Nasim ’15,¬†only had two minutes minutes (hence, the “lightning talk”) to give their presentations on the intersection between the digital and scholarly. Topics included what makes a website sleek and seamless to the user, how errors creep into text, the New Aesthetic Movement and web design. A full list of speakers and talk titles follows:


  • Jon Appel , “Animating the Digital World”
  • Hema Surendranathan, “Social Tumblr: Mimicking our rules and Protecting Our Property”
  • Ani Chen, ” A New Soapbox: Moving Women’s Suffrage from Textbooks to Web”
  • Mirella Deocadiz, “What A User Wants: Expanding the Definition of “Website Design”
  • Minh-Duyen Thi Nguyen, “A Belated History Lesson: Cataloging Women’s Political History”
  • Gavi Fried & Jon Sweitzer-Lamme, “Bit by Bit”
  • Carl Sigmond, “Discovering the Discovery & the Grandfather Who Saved Millions”
  • Aaron Lowe & Adam Van Aken, “Code and Cardio”
  • Michael Rushmore, “Digital Graffiti”
  • Travis Taylor, “Popular Authority: Evolving Information Society in Egypt
  • Shahzeen Nsim, “Beauty by Design”


  • Richard Freedman, “Digital du Chemin”
  • Jenni Punt, ” For the Record: Trans-Div Seminar”
  • Travis Zadeh, “Religious Text Databases”


  • Mike Zarafonetis, “Lancaster Ave. Viewfinder, a Demo”
  • Sebastianna Skalisky & David Moore, “Communicating in Two Minutes”

SAVE AS hopes that these talks will be the first of many events that will encourage Haverford to dive enthusiastically into the new digital age.

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