Move-In Day: The Semester Begins

Move-In Day: The Semester Begins


Yesterday was the day we’d been waiting for since Commencement: the day the new first-year students arrived on campus! The Class of 2016 got lucky with beautiful weather (sun, relatively low humidity, even a nice breeze) for their move-in day, and campus, which had been quiet all summer, came alive with cars full of parents, luggage, mini-fridges and the newest members of the Haverford community. Upperclass Customs People in colorful shirts were there to welcome the new students to their dorms (Gummere, Barclay, HCA and the newest addition to our slate of residence halls, Tritton) and help them carry their many belongings into the rooms that will become their homes for the next year. And once they were settled in, Customs Week, the College’s five-day orientation program, began.

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International students arrived a few days earlier for an orientation that began on August 26. Students who weren’t just moving to college, but were moving to a new country spent three days touring campus, the surrounding area and Philadelphia, and learning about American banking systems, classroom culture and visa status rules. The Class of 2016 includes approximately 40 international students who hail from roughly 15 different nations, the largest group in Haverford’s history.

International students in an American banking and commerce information session.

Welcome all first-years! We are so glad you are all finally here, and we hope you are settling into life here on campus comfortably.


Move-in day photos by Thomas Carroll

International students photo by Andre Rucker


  1. Thanks for sharing all the details with a nostalgic alumnus! Jill Blumenthal Class of 1997

  2. Thanks for bringing back cherished memories of when I first came to the US (from the Philippines) and arrived at Haverford on a beautiful fall morning. VMG, Class of 1980.

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