Jack Carnell: Looking at America

Jack Carnell: Looking at America

"Nash Parked in Back Yard, Georgia" January 2007 Digital Pigment Print 16" x 24"

On a series of road trips through the American South that began in 2006, photographer Jack Carnell captured images of billboards, store facades, schools and cemeteries. No people appear in these shots; Carnell aimed instead to capture the vernacular culture of the regions he visited in photos that depict a quirky sign on a men’s room door or an old car rusting in a backyard.

These images are on view in the exhibition Jack Carnell: Authentic America-Color Photographs 2006 to 2008, which runs through April 22 in the Atrium Gallery of the Marshall Fine Arts Center.  And you can hear Carnell speak about his work and his travels on March 14, when he gives an artist talk in the Atrium Gallery. The talk begins at 4:30 and will be preceded by tea at 4 p.m.

See more of Carnell’s photographs here.

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  1. Ok…can you name that car??? :)

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