Ukuleles in the Cold

The weather service is saying that it feels like it’s 26 degrees outside here on campus, but the cold couldn’t stop a couple of musical (and hardy!) Fords from giving an impromptu ukulele concert on Founders Porch. We captured this video of Julie Singer ’12 (with the blue uke) and Lulu Krause ’12 (with the pink one) strumming out an intimate rendition of the Kern/Hammerstein classic “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man of Mine” (from the Broadway play Showboat). Don’t let the sunshine fool you, though; it’s chilly out there!

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4 Responses to Ukuleles in the Cold

  1. Rochelle Itzen says:

    This concert was so delightful. When is their next performance. I will be sure to attend

  2. Douglas Johnson says:

    George Formby lives!

  3. ruth singer says:

    I loved the picture. You both look like you are having a wonderful time. Love, Gram

  4. Doug Davis says:


    Don’t ever stop having fun and being musical!

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