Crafting the Kannerstein Award

Crafting the Kannerstein Award

The Alumni Achievement Awards ceremony held during Haverford’s Alumni Weekend in May featured a new prize honoring the late Greg Kannerstein ’63.  The Kannerstein Award (formerly The Alumni Award), which recognizes an individual who, like Greg, has provided sustained service to the College, went to David L. Thomas ’71.  And along with the satisfaction of being recognized for his efforts, Thomas got to take home a beautiful bronze medal hand crafted by goldsmith Caleb Meyer ’88.

Meyer, who owns the Caleb Meyer Studio in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill neighborhood, and is known for his custom work in gold and platinum, did his original engraving in silver. “Silver is easier to work when you are doing an original,” says Meyer, who was the subject of a Winter 2009 Haverford magazine article. “We then made a mold and had the medal cast in bronze.”

Meyer’s Kannerstein connection goes way back.  “Greg was at Haverford the same time as my dad,” he says. (Meyer’s father, James Meyer ’62, is also a goldsmith.) “And Greg was Athletics Director when I was a student.”

Meyer’s design for the medal, which is about three inches in diameter and features a large “H” in the center, was inspired by a photo he had of Kannerstein wearing a Haverford baseball cap. “Greg always had one on when he went outside and the “H” is modeled on the one on the cap,” says Meyer.

The Kannerstein Medal, cast in bronze, created by Caleb Meyer '88.

Meyer, whose design was inspired by the "H" on a baseball cap Greg Kannerstein habitually wore, did the original engraving for the medal in silver.

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  1. Caleb,

    Fabulous design for the medal. It captures the essence of Greg. Simple, understated yet unabashedly passionate about all that is represented by the “H”. I rember that hat well and seeing your design on an award with his name on it, especially at this time of the year as we head into the baseball playoffs, brought back some great memories. Thanks.

    Tim O’Neill ’80

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