2011 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners Announced!

2011 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners Announced!

The Office of International Academic Programs announced the winners of the 2011 Study Abroad Photo Contest yesterday. Five independent judges selected winners in three new categories: Cultural Encounters, Landscape Cityscape and Portrait. The winners are below:

Cultural Encounters

Winner: Caroline Kaigh, "Queen of Carnival"

Runner-up: Danielle Simpson "Alley Guitarist"

Landscape Cityscape

Winner: Cameron Scherer, "Pilatus Peak"

Runner-up: William Reilly "Hallway"


Winner: Nora Graham "Sherlock"

Runner-up: Gina Trobiani "A Moment Aside During Carnevale"

Every spring the Study Abroad Office sponsors this contest, and students who studied abroad the previous year are eligible to enter. Congratulations to this year’s winners! To see more photos and to read about what our students are up to overseas, bookmark theĀ Postcards From Abroad site.

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