A Weekend in TC

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It was 4:30 am on Saturday July 12th. With bleary eyes, I filled up my water bottle, tied on my running sneakers, and pinned my bib number to my shirt. Trotting towards town, I was struck with how dark it still was even as the time crept past 5:00 am. The town was busy with excitement with everyone setting up for the parade later that day. I spotted my friend Angela all dolled up in a tutu and a cherry shirt, clearly ready to run a half marathon. From there, Tiffany, another runner from the Traverse City Track Club, drove us to where they were busing runners to the start line all the way up the peninsula. Once there, we warmed up, hydrated, and waited for the beginning of the race.


This past week was the Cherry Festival, which is a huge cherry themed festival (as you could have maybe guessed with the photo at the top of me and my friend Angela inside a giant cherry) that draws a million people to Traverse City for the 10 day long spectacular that includes a full carnival, fireworks, parades, and other events around the city. The festival also includes a series of races, including a half marathon that I decided to run. The race was great and I had loads of fun. Here is a picture of me finishing: 21_1405449896-img_8414 3.20.26 PM

On Sunday, to top off the weekend, I headed to Sleeping Bear Dunes, which is a national park that is known to be one of the most beautiful places in Northern Michigan. DSC_0001

My roommate Wendy and I went for a hike and spent some time in the historic town of Glen Haven.


It was incredibly beautiful, just as beautiful as everyone had been telling me. I was glad I had the chance to go and to see another gorgeous place in Northern Michigan! DSC_0034

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    1. Janice Lion

      Congratulations on the half-marathon finish! Thanks for sharing such wonderful words and photos.

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