2012: Andrew Bostick ’12 and Anna Menon ’12 have done tremendous work to establish a foundation for local agriculture and environmentalism at Haverford. As of May, 2012 the Haverford Garden exists as an impressive example of how productive permanent raised beds may be. There are a total of six raised beds that produce a variety of spring and summer crops. The garden is of enormous value to the Haverford community, not only because it functions to supplement to the diets of students, faculty, staff and local residents, but because it is one of the only existing manifestations of the burgeoning environmental awareness that exists on Haverford’s campus.

As the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship’s Haverford Garden Initiative intern, I will be working closely with faculty and fellow students who share an interest in increasing environmental awareness and promoting sustainability in ways that incorporate the themes of local agriculture and renewable energy. In working with agriculture, I will be making strides to expand the garden as much as possible with the construction of new raised beds, both in the vicinity of the current garden, and elsewhere in the Haverford College Apartments. Claudia Kent has been incredibly helpful in extending her support through Facilities Management. Siena Mann has also been indispensable as a leader of the Haverford Garden Initiative and someone who has motivated me in pursuing this project. Regarding renewable energy, I will be working with the heads of the Environmental Studies Department, Helen White and Jon Wilson, and a member of the Committee for Environmental Responsibility, a fellow student and Environmental Studies minor, David Robinson to investigate the possibilities for bringing sources of renewable energy to Haverford as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to working to build upon a foundation that lies unbearably blank. I see Haverford as a wonderful institution, full of possibilities for the inspired, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to pursue something I care about. —Stuart Hean ’14

2011: Anna Menon ’12 is a political science major spending the summer interning with the Haverford College Garden Initiative via the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship.

In her own words: “While maintaining the student garden at HCA, I will be spending the rest of my time researching American agricultural policy and problems, as well as civil society reactions to current food crises. I am so lucky to be able to combine my academic interests as well as my love for growing things we can all enjoy. If you’re in the Haverford area this summer, I encourage you to come check out our little (but extremely productive) garden behind Apartment 23. I hope to maintain a thriving garden in HCA, and further institutionalize the idea of its use for the entire community while hopefully getting some fruitful preliminary thesis research done.”

2010: My name is Andrew Bostick, and I am a Junior at Haverford College. This coming summer, I will working with the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship on two agricultural projects: (1) the maintenance of a student garden at Haverford and (2) the writing of a proposal to make the garden a permanent program.

To help you understand the internship, I want to first tell you a little bit about my first CPGC experience last summer. As someone who is interested in agricultural sustainability, I designed and implemented an eight-week internship in France that studied the efficiency of French organic farms. I ended up visiting three different family farms and learned a great deal about living and growing food sustainably. If you have not yet had the chance, you can read my blog from last summer, which relates my experiences and thoughts on agriculture as the summer progressed.

Considering how much I learned in last year’s internship, I wanted to create a permanent garden space at Haverford where other students, professors, administrators, and community members could learn about agricultural issues. This internship is the realization of that dream. Over the past semester, I worked closely with fellow students Peter Block and Fay Strongin to create the Haverford Garden Initiative, a student gardening club that planted our first garden this spring. To keep that project alive, my summer internship responsibilities will be (a) maintaining the garden itself and (b) researching and writing a proposal to make the garden a permanent fixture on campus.

So, if you are at all interested in agricultural sustainability, in gardening, or in helping me convince the College that we need a campus farm, stay tuned for an exciting (okay, maybe not the best word to describe a garden…) summer blog. I greatly look forward to hearing from all of you!

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