The 2014-15 edition of the Handbook for Advisors of First-Year Students is an attempt to assemble in one document information all advisors will need. It has been updated to incorporate your suggestions for improvement and to reflect changes in programs and in curriculum since last year.

Without intending to suggest that there is any single model of good advising that each of us should adopt, we have included here some thoughts and observations gleaned from past experience and from ongoing conversations with many of you about the art of advising. This should be viewed as one more tool, to be added to your own storehouse of knowledge, experience, common sense, and commitment to the educational process.

You should be aware that your work as advisors may be critical to the success of the newest members of the Haverford community. Faculty interactions remain among the most important influences in students’ reflections about their college education. We thank you in advance for your efforts on behalf of the Class of 2018.

Kim Benston, Provost
Michael Martinez, Dean for First-Year Students

Last modified: August 29, 2014