Action Required

Welcome to Haverford!

We’re so excited to meet you in the fall! 

First-Year students are asked to arrive at Haverford for non-academic registration and move-in on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 between 8:30am – 4:00pm. Non-Academic registration will be held in Founders Great Hall. Lunch is provided to new students and their families and a program for parents begins at 1pm. If students expect to arrive after 4pm on August 24th, please inform Dean Michael Martinez at For those who arrive after 4:00pm, your room key and OneCard will be available at the Campus Safety Office.

Some students have been pre-approved to arrive before Wednesday 24th due to travel from far distances or participation in various pre-orientation programs (including TRICO Social Justice Institute, Horizons Leadership Institute, International Student Orientation or pre-season athletics).

If you have not been pre-approved to arrive early, please arrive on the 24thNOTE: Regardless of arrival date, all First-Year students are required to go through Non-Academic Registration on Wednesday, August 24. We suggest printing out Haverford’s campus map and bringing it with you when you arrive:

If you have any questions, ask Dean Martinez at

Some of the forms and links below require your Haverford Student ID. Look up your ID# HERE

New Account Activation: June 1

During the day on June 1, you’ll get an email from (subject line “Haverford Information”) with your new user account information, which will allow you to access your Haverford email account as well as many of the password-protected forms on this summer timeline. Instructions for activation will be sent to your personal email address. Activate your Haverford user account as soon as you receive this email. Contact the ProDesk if you have any questions at or 610-896-1480. NOTE: From this point on, all communication from the College will go to your new Haverford email account, so start using it exclusively for communication with us and check it regularly!

The email will look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.56.48 PM

Student Entry Record: ASAP

Shortly after you activate your new user account, you’ll be able to access the Student Entry Record (SER). You should submit your SER as soon as possible after you set up your new user account. You will not be able to access the housing questionnaire until you have updated your SER. If you’re having any trouble, contact the ProDesk directly if you have any questions at or 610-896-1480. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a U.S. Social Security Number, you will need it to complete this form.

Housing Questionnaire: June 17

NOTE: You must complete the new account activation process and the SER before you submit your Housing Questionnaire.  

After you activate your Haverford user account and submit your Student Entry Record (SER), you’ll be able to log in HERE to complete the Housing Questionnaire. Please submit the questionnaire no later than June 17! We use these forms to make housing assignments and to match you with your Customs team. Hot tip: It’s a bad idea to try to outsmart the process. You might think saying you’re super messy (even if you’re not) will land you a sweet single. Instead you may find yourself with a roomie who loves mess—oops!

You can expect an email with your housing assignment, along with contact information for any roommate/suitemates by no later than the end of July. Customs team members will begin to contact first-years shortly thereafter. Any questions? Please contact the Office of Residential Life (610- 896-1298 or

HOUSING ACCOMMODATIONS: All incoming students requiring housing accommodations due to a disability or chronic medical condition for Fall 2016 need to submit a Housing Accommodation Request Form and current documentation of a disability or medical condition by June 17, 2016More information about receiving accommodations at Haverford can be found on the ADS website.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Disability Services with any questions at

OFFICE CONTACT: Sherrie Borowsky, Coordinator, Office of Access and Disability Services, Haverford College, Stokes 022B, 610-896-1324


Housing FAQ 

Faculty Adviser Questionnaire: June 28

We use the Faculty Adviser Questionnaire to match you with a faculty adviser and to inform your adviser of your academic background and potential academic interests. You will need to explore the BI-College Course Guide to answer a few of the survey questions. You’ll connect with your advisor for the first time during Customs Week. NOTE: Unlike at other colleges, no academic advising is done in the summer and you won’t actually choose courses until you arrive on campus for Customs Week.

OneCard: July 15

After you activate your Haverford user account and submit your Student Entry Record (SER), you will be able to register for your OneCard. OneCard is your access to the residence halls and other campus buildings, your library card, and your dining card for the Dining Center (the DC) and the COOP. Please follow these INSTRUCTIONS to register and upload your OneCard photo. Learn more about the OneCard here.

NOTE: To register for a OneCard you must add two zeros (00) to the front of your student ID.  Look up your ID# HERE

Health Records: July 21

Within 48 hours of activating your Haverford user account, you’ll be able to access and submit the variety of health forms required by the College using the HaverHealth Portal.

If you have any questions, please email Catherine Sharbaugh (, Director of Health Services, or call 610-896-1089. The clinic is closed during summer but emails/voice mail/mail/faxes are processed weekly.

NOTE: To log into the HaverHealth Portal you must add two zeros (00) to the front of your student ID.  Look up your ID# HERE

Academic Integrity Tutorial: July 31

The Academic Integrity Tutorial is now active. Be sure to complete both Part One and Part Two of the Tutorial! Considering the fundamental importance of the Haverford Honor Code and that most students who take this tutorial score 100%, if you score below 80%, we suggest retaking it.

Writing Seminar Placement: August 1

Placement in Writing Seminars 2016-17 is now active. Please go HERE to find links to the placement overview page which explains the placement process for writing seminars; a guide to writing seminars being offered; instructions for the placement essay; and the online seminar preference/essay submission form. Seminar preferences and your essay are due Monday, August 1 at 5:00 pm via the online preference and essay form.

Any questions, please contact Prof. Debora Sherman, Director of College Writing, 610-896-1255.

Mathematics Placement Exam: August 8

The Mathematics Placement Exam is now active. All Haverford students are required to take at least one quantitative course before they graduate, and the Math Placement Exam is required for all incoming students of the class of 2020.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are expecting math AP scores, do NOT take the Math Placement exam until you have received and are able to report your results. Physics, Economics, and some languages also require a placement exam. Please review those placements in the “Action May Be Required” section.

Chemistry Placement Exam: August 8

The Chemistry Department asks ALL incoming students (even those with minimal chemistry background) to complete the Chemistry Placement Exam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are expecting AP scores, do NOT take the Chemistry Placement exam until you have received and are able to report your results. Physics, Economics, and some languages also require a placement exam. Please review those placements in the “Action May Be Required” section.

Sexual Assault Tutorial: BEFORE you arrive on campus

Dear Members of the Class of 2020:

Over the summer, we send you a great deal of information and ask you to complete a myriad of important tasks.  At this point we need to focus our attention on two difficult yet critically important community and personal safety issues: sexual misconduct and relationship violence.

Sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and relationship violence are acts of violence and disrespect that violate Haverford’s foundational principles as embodied in our Honor Code.  They have no place here. That said, we do not live in a bubble, and so are not immune from such behaviors. Reports of sexual misconduct and relationship violence are infrequent, but that does not mean they cannot happen at Haverford.  National statistics show that first-year students are particularly vulnerable during the first months of college.  It is not surprising, then, that we will be spending a good deal of time during Customs Week on these very important issues so as to achieve our goal of preventing sexual misconduct and relationship violence to the greatest extent possible.

Some of you may already be very familiar with and knowledgeable about many aspects of these issues.  Others may not be. To insure that all incoming students can come into these discussions with a common base of knowledge, we are asking all first-year students to complete two required, 30-40 minute on-line courses:

“Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault” and Healthy Relationships”

Please make sure to complete these courses before you arrive on campus in August.

“Lasting Choices” and “Healthy Relationships” were developed by United Educators, a highly-respected insurance provider covering many US colleges and universities, including Haverford.  A number of students, administrators and I viewed the courses when they first became available and were impressed by them.  Yours will be the fifth entering class to engage with these on-line programs.

The courses provide a good general overview of the subjects, including the critical concept of consent, the warning signs of an unhealthy/abusive relationship, the importance of using campus resources, and steps students can take to keep themselves and their fellow students safe on campus.

Note that these are intended for a general college audience, so they may refer to some things that do not apply at Haverford.  For example, mention is made of reporting concerns to dorm Resident Assistants.  Most colleges have them; as you know, Haverford is one of the very few that does not.  Descriptions about how such matters are handled on campus may not reflect Haverford’s approach, either.  We will discuss Haverford’s campus resources and procedures in great detail during Customs Week.

Here is a link to Haverford’s Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence policy:

The courses are not perfect, and if we had editorial control over the content, may have done a few things differently (and in fact some Haverford students are spearheading an effort to create our own in-house video on a number of topics, including sexual misconduct!). Do not worry or get hung up on that.  The critical thing is to become familiar with the basic concepts so we can discuss in greater depth during Customs Week and beyond.

Given the nature of the material covered, a *Trigger Warning* is also warranted.

To access the courses:

1.  Click on the link:

2.  First-time users should select the link to create a new account on the right side of the screen.

  • Please complete the registration process.
  • Use Haverford’s institution registration code:  0491-3959-XY12
  • When your email is requested, use your Haverford email address.
  • In all of the drop down boxes (“Role”, “Department”, etc.) always select “Student”.
  • Do not complete the Optional Fields such as “Employee ID” and “Student ID”.
  • You will receive an email with a temporary password. You will need to change this password the first time you log in.

   3.  Use your username and password each time you log in using the link provided in Step 1.

  4.  Begin the courses,”Lasting Choices” and “Healthy Relationships”.

  5.  Once finished with all the Modules, the course completion will automatically be certified.

For most students, each course takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.  If you need to stop, you can log back in, and the course will resume where you left off.  

If you experience technical difficulty regarding access to or completing the course, please visit the EduRisk Learning Portal Support Page.  If you have any questions about these on-line courses or about Haverford’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, please contact me.  I will be away a bit over the next couple of weeks but will try to respond as soon as I can.

Sincere thanks for your attention to this very important matter and for completing “Lasting Choices” and “Healthy Relationships”.  I look forward to welcoming you to campus soon.


Steve Watter

Senior Associate Dean of the College
Dean of Student Life
Title IX Coordinator
Haverford College
370 Lancaster Avenue
Haverford, PA   19041
(610) 896-4246