Action Required

In early summer, you should familiarize yourself with what’s expected of you from month to month, and make a plan for completing each item on time. The submission of necessary health documentation and placement exams may require some advance planning to complete on time, so pay close attention to those deadlines.

If you have any questions about these items, please contact the Dean’s Office Interns at  If you are unable to meet a particular deadline, please notify the appropriate contact person.  If no contact is listed, email Dean Michael Martinez at

Please note:  You can obtain your student ID# (which you’ll need to submit a variety of the required forms) here.

Account Activation: June 11

Around June 2nd you’ll get an email from (subject line “Haverford Information”) with your new user account information, which will allow you to access your Haverford email account as well as many of the password-protected forms on this summer timeline. Instructions for activation will be sent to your personal email address. Activate your Haverford email as soon as you receive this email. Contact the ProDesk if you have any questions at or 610-896-1480.

Student Entry Record: EXTENDED June 23

The Student Entry Record (SER) is now active.  The SER deadline has been extended to June 23. You must update your SER by then or your housing questionnaire will not be processed. If you’re having any trouble, check out this FAQ to work out any issues. Or, simply contact the ProDesk directly if you have any questions at or 610-896-1480.

Housing: June 19

Please submit your Housing Questionnaire no later than June 19! We use these forms to make housing assignments and to match you with your Customs team. Hot tip: It’s a bad idea to try to outsmart the process. You might think saying you’re super messy (even if you’re not) will land you a sweet single. Instead you may find yourself with a roomie who loves mess—oops!

You can expect an email with your housing assignment, along with contact information for any roommate/suitemates by no later than the end of July. Customs team members will begin to contact first-years shortly thereafter. Any questions? Please contact the Office of Residential Life (610- 896-1298 or

Housing FAQ 

Faculty Adviser: June 28

The Faculty Adviser Questionnaire is now activated. We will  use it to match you with a faculty adviser and to inform your adviser of your academic background and potential academic interests. You will need to explore the BI-College Course Guide to answer a few of the survey questions. You’ll connect with your advisor for the first time during Customs Week. NOTE: Unlike at other colleges, no academic advising is done in the summer and you won’t choose courses until you arrive on campus for Customs Week.

OneCard: July 15

Your OneCard is your access to the residence halls and other campus buildings, your library card, and your dining card both at the Dining Center (the DC) and at the COOP. Please follow these INSTRUCTIONS to register and upload your OneCard photo. Learn more about the OneCard here. You can obtain your student ID# (which you’ll need for this submission) here. NOTE: Each student will begin the term with $600 credit on their OneCard to be used for purchases and incidentals.

Sickle Cell: EXTENDED July 21

By July 21st, Each first-year Haverford student must either be tested for the Sickle Cell Trait, provide us with proof and the results of a prior test, or sign a waiver declining to be tested. You may wish to check with your family doctor and/or parents to see whether you have test results that are readily available. Your options are outlined on the following Moodle site, which includes the possibility of declining to confirm your status as well as information on how you can be tested at Haverford: (Note: you should use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari as your browser).

To summarize the process, all students must: 1. Go to the Moodle site and read the Sickle Cell Trait Fact Sheet (prepared by the NCAA) 2. Choose to a) confirm your status or b) decline to confirm 3. If you choose b) above, you’re done! 4. If you choose a) you will follow the instructions to provide test results or arrange for testing (results to be sent to Health Services) 5. If your test is negative, you’re done! 6. If your test is positive, you will sign a waiver, watch an educational video, and then you’re done! Many thanks for your cooperation in this important effort. Once you’ve taken care of this, you will not have to do so again during your time at Haverford.

If you choose to submit results, this form should be filled out by you and given to your health care provider: Authorize release of sickle cell trait newborn records. Again, please confirm your status via the Moodle site (full link above). All students must watch the informational tutorial and either waive or submit the sickle cell test results by July 21.  Any student can choose to waive the test. Failure to either waive or submit test results by the July 21 deadline incurs a late fee of $75.  For questions regarding this requirement, contact Curt Mauger at or 610.896.1425. For technical questions with the Moodle site, Contact the ProDesk at or 610-896-1480.

Health Records: July 21

A late fee of $75 will be charged for failure to submit fully completed health forms by July 21. You will not be allowed to enroll if you do not submit all necessary documentation on time. For any health services related questions or if you are unable to meet a deadline, contact Health Services. Health Services reviews voicemail and email throughout the summer and follows up on a weekly basis as needed. Click here for a complete list of Health Record Requirements and submission guidelines. Please note:  You can obtain your student ID# (which you’ll need to submit a variety of required forms) here.

(a) First-year Physical Examination (PE) Form, including record of current immunizations. Please send the PE Form, completed by a health care provider (not a parent), to Health Services.

(b) Confidential Health Record   *Be sure to click “Submit” after completed on line, and look for the confirmation message.

(c) HIPAA Disclosure Form 

(d) Financial Responsibility Form 

Academic Integrity Tutorial: July 28

The Academic Integrity Tutorial is now activated. You must take it prior to placement exams. Considering the fundamental importance of the Haverford Honor Code and that most students who take this tutorial score 100%, if you score below 80%, we suggest retaking it.

Health Insurance: August 1

Annual Requirement of proof of health insurance. You must Waive or Enroll on line, and to see a full list of accepted insurance plans, go to our website to this link (you can also obtain your student ID# here)    

A late fee of $35 will be charged for failure to complete the online registration by August 1.

 It is recommended that you enroll in the college insurance program if your current health insurance does not work within a 10-mile radius of the Philadelphia area (plans such as HMOs, Foreign/international, PPOs that pay out of network only). Students can submit bills directly to their insurance plan or pay by check or cash. Students are responsible for all incurred medical expenses. Students should bring their insurance card, or copy of their card, with them during their initial visits to the Health Center to be scanned into our system.

If your insurance changes after you have completed the waiver process or it changes outside of the open registration period there is an up-date feature. 

August 1  (International Students)

Note that, from time to time, overseas health insurance has proven not to work in favor of students. Since the United States does not offer public health services for non-citizens, hospital costs can be alarming. Because Haverford requires its students to have adequate private health insurance, we highly suggest you purchase the college plan.

Students must meet the Health Services requirement before arriving on campus for the International Students Orientation (ISO). 

Writing Seminars: August 1

The writing placement is now open.  On the writing placement website (, you’ll find an introduction with important links as well as two additional sections that include an overview and essay instructions. Please review the placement overview page which explains the placement process for writing seminars; a guide to writing seminars being offered; instructions for the placement essay; and the online seminar preference/essay submission form. You’ll also find a link to download the entire placement packet. (The selected text that you are asked to write about in your placement essay, Nora Ephron’s “The Boston Photographers”, is included in the Placement Essay Instructions.) Seminar preferences and your essay on Ephron’s article are due Friday, August 1, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. via the online preference and essay form. Following the links in turn should take you through the placement process with relatively little difficulty. Any questions? Contact Debora Sherman, Director of College Writing, at

Mathematics Placement Exam: August 8

The Mathematics Placement Exam is now active. All Haverford students are required to take at least one quantitative course before they graduate, and the Math Placement Exam is required for all incoming students of the class of 2018.You can also access the exam via a link in the left margin of the math department home page

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are expecting math AP scores, do NOT take the Math Placement exam until you have received and are able to report your results. You should also take the Academic Integrity Tutorial before you take any placement exam. Physics, Economics, and some languages also require a placement exam. Please review those placements in the “Action May Be Required” section.

Chemistry Placement Exam: August 8

The Chemistry Department asks ALL incoming students (even those with minimal chemistry background) to complete the Chemistry Placement Questionnaire, or at least to read the cover page ( to understand the course opportunities that will be lost if the questionnaire is not filled out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are expecting AP scores, do NOT take the Chemistry Placement exam until you have received and are able to report your results. You should also take the Academic Integrity Tutorial before you take any placement exam. Physics, Economics, and some languages also require a placement exam. Please review those placements in the “Action May Be Required” section.

Customs Faculty Seminars: August 19

(Not yet available) As part of Customs Week, all first-year students participate in small, seminar-style discussions with members of the faculty. These seminars are intended to help introduce first-year students to ‘the academic discussion’, a centerpiece of the Haverford academic experience. Seminar topics range from perspectives on climate change to musings on Nelson Mandela.

Sexual Assault Tutorial: August 28

(Not yet available) Haverford is committed to preventing sexual assault. The online course: “Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault” will be available in July.