Welcome to Haverford!

We’re so excited to meet you in the fall! First-year students are expected to arrive at Haverford on Wednesday, August 26 between 8:30 a.m. and noon. International students are expected to arrive on August 23. In the meantime, there’s a lot to do! In early summer, you should familiarize yourself with what’s expected of you from month to month, and make a plan for completing each item on time. The submission of necessary health documentation and placement exams may require some advance planning to complete on time, so pay close attention to those deadlines. If you are unable to meet a particular deadline, please notify the appropriate contact person.  If no contact is listed, email Dean Michael Martinez at

Action Required

  •  User Account Activation (May 28)
  •  Student Entry Record (June 1)
  •  Housing (June 18)
  •  Faculty Advisor (June 28)
  •  OneCard (July 15)
  •  Health Forms (July 21)
  •  Academic Integrity (July 28)
  •  Writing Placement Exam (July 31)
  •  Mathematics & Chemistry Placement Exams (August 8)
  •  Sexual Assault Tutorial
  •  Customs Faculty Seminars (August 19)

Action May Be Required

  • Accommodations for Disablities (June 15)
  • Placement (August 8)
    • General Instructions
    • Physics
    • Economics
    • Languages

Optional Opportunities

  • TRICO Summer Institute (June 16)
  • Religious Affiliation Survey (August 1)
  • Musical Interest (August 1)

Arriving On Campus

  • Arrival
  • International Students
  • Non-Academic Registration
  • Unexpected Delay
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Parent Events
  • Helpful Links