8th Dimension – Community Service at Haverford

8th Dimension, Haverford’s Office of Community Service, would like to extend a warm welcome to the Class of 2017. I hope you are all excited to start your time at Haverford. You all bring thousands of hours of community service experience with you to college, and we cannot wait for you to continue your passionate work while here at Haverford.


550004_461316380608102_1834701784_nCommunity service is an incredible way to discover the Philadelphia area, do concrete work that improves lives, learn things that cannot be taught in a classroom, and meet all kinds of new people. You are definitely going to volunteer at least once on campus while you’re here–our first-year service days are coming up!–but our hope is that you will be able to volunteer as often as you want, and our job is to help you figure out how.

There are many, many ways to get involved while you’re on campus.


First-Year Service Days are one of 8th Dimension’s oldest traditions, in which all first-year students participate. You will have the opportunity to spend a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday in September working alongside your peers to help a local organization in need. We take care of everything from transportation to lunch! You just have to show up ready to help. This event is a great way to get to know other first-years, learn about an awesome volunteer organization, and enjoy a day of being off-campus as a break from the craziness

of your first month of college. We try to have one-time service days early and often at 8D. Service Days cover a wide variety of activities and interests. In the past, they have included environmental clean-ups, housing and school improvement projects, Philadelphia AIDS walk, urban farming, playing with kids at a local community center.


8th Dimension also facilitates ongoing student-run projects (SRPs) that are run by your

fellow Haverford students. SRPs are great opportunities for students to make a weekly commitment to volunteering with a group of your fellow students. SRPs also cover a wide range of opportunities, including tutoring, hospital work, income tax assistance and more. These are super easy to get involved in, and we encourage freshmen to do so!


If you have a specific interest that isn’t covered by our SRPs, we’ll work with you to find an individual placement.


We have an enormous number of agencies with which we can help you get involved, and if you aren’t sure how you want to get involved, we have an entire staff of students who want to talk to you about different opportunities.

No matter what kind of service you’re getting involved in, we will reimburse your travel costs, which makes the opportunities nearly limitless.

To see more examples of our service projects and find out how you can get involved… 

Visit our website! blogs.haverford.edu/8D/facebook.com/pages/Haverford-8th-Dimension/100132273393183

Email us! 8dstaff@haverford.edu

We hope you are excited to get involved while at Haverford as we are to help you get involved. Contact us to talk about your community service interests, and like our Facebook page! We will see you at the student activities fair, our fall info session, and your First-Year Service Days! Can’t wait!

First-Year Student Meet-Ups

Just as a reminder, the Alumni Relations Office has worked hard to put together meet-ups next month so that you can get to know some of your fellow classmates before arriving. If you can make any of these, be sure to come!

You should have received an invitation via email or snail mail if you live in one of these areas. If you have not but would like to attend, please feel free to email hc-parents@haverford.edu. Hope you’ll be able to make it and have a great day!

The schedule is as follows:

Sat., 8/10 - Philly (on campus) - 12-2:00pm, Barclay Beach
Sun., 8/11 - NYC-Suburbs (Scarsdale) - 2-4:00pm
Wed., 7/31 – NYC – 6-8:00pm